CMT Awards Till I See You Again Tearful Heartfelt Tribute

CMT awards till I see you again

CMT awards till I see you again

Yesterday the 2013 CMT Music Awards were aired. The show was hosted by Jason Aldean, and the always lovely ,and adorable Kirsten Bell. The big winner was Miranda Lambert, however she had to receive the award without the support of her husband, Blake Shelton. (He was stuck on an airplane.) However the most impressive, and goose bump inducing performance was given by none other than, Carrie Underwood. Carrie decided to perform her new single, and dedicate it to her home state Oklahoma, where the people are still recovering from the tornado. She sang during the CMT awards:  “I’ll see you again/ This is not where it ends/ I will carry you with me/ Till I see you again,” the performance was combined with images of the destruction, and Underwood being accompanied by a white robed choir made it all the more, a heartfelt tearful tribute.

Carrie won an award for top video. She received this award for her video for Blown Away. During her acceptance speech Underwood said the following: “The good Lord has been very good to me, well, all of us in this room — for a very long time,”

Miss Underwood wasn’t the only winner yesterday night. Luke Bryan brought home the award for Entertainer of the year. Jason Aldean had definitely earned his award for Top male vocalist of the year. Aldean showed that he deserved it by opening the ceremony with Lenny Kravitz, and signing a guitar heavy version of ‘American woman’. After which they bumped fists, and the show could start. Top Female vocalist of the year was, as mentioned, Miranda Lambert. She also received two more awards: single record of the year and song of the year. Miranda performed during the CMT awards as well, but decided not to give a tearful heartfelt tribute, but to knock people’s socks off, and to give them raw,ragged, raucous performance of Mama’s Broken Heart. The song was raw but had emotional elements just like Carrie Underwood’s lyrics from Blown Away, Till I see you again.

Keith Urban also performed, and of course his lady love was sitting in the audience. Some people were surprised to see that Nicole Kidman actually knows the words to the songs of her husband. She was caught mindlessly signing along with the songs on camera. Urban gave a great performance, and showed people why Little Bit of Everything should be higher in the charts.

Lady Antebellum didn’t win an award, but they did give an unexpected performance that was both mysterious, and intriguing. They performed Goodbye Town, and had some neat special effects that gave the impression that singer Charles Kelly was singing in the reflection of a rear view mirror.

However none of the performances could out do the tearful heartfelt tribute from Carrie Underwood. She had given everybody goosebumps, and a reminder that life can be fleeting, even during an event like the CMT awards. That we need to be grateful for what we have, and that we should take a minute, and think about the victims of that horrific tornado. Till I see you again.

By Georgina Pijttersen