Colorado Wildfire Paralyzes Lives

Colorado wildfire paralyzes lives

After mind-blowing storms, drowning floods and earthquakes, natural calamity again attacked civilization in the name of “Wildfire”. This time it is Colorado’s turn to suffer as spread itself through major locality and ‘black forest’. So, Colorado wildfire paralyzes the human lives and swishes more and more to take heavy toll of life. The heavily wooded rolling hillside on outskirts areas of northeastern region are under flames of vehement wildfire as it bewildered everybody with damages.

A bewitching, wind-whipped fire spread out mainly in the second largest city of Colorado, making thousands homeless and causing death of many. It has surely destroyed many residential homes as people fled away with dear life leaving all the belongings. The number of death is still under scanner as the authorities are yet to find it. The residents who managed to flee thinks it a “near death experience”!! They say the rowdy flames increasing every time with turbulent winds. The swirling winds doubled the hungry flames and the flames captured a major area for destruction. So, after heavy storm, it is wildfire’s turn to paralyze the humanity with pulsating swishes.

The Black Forest Blaze, named after the community, experienced a boisterous attack of wildfire as people just observed the towering fumes in black coming of the forest. The fire almost damaged 90 housed in open eye, but the damages are yet to be counted. Jeff Stemas, 44, resident of the locality fled with his wife, describes it, “A major loss”, he nods in sorrow, “But I expected it”.

By evening, the Black Forest fire had charred an estimated 8,500 acres and was expected to scorch at least a further 3,000 acres, defying efforts by some 500 firefighters to contain it.

“It’s a very hot, very active, difficult fire,” El Paso County spokesman Dave Rose said. The reasons behind such fire is still under investigation, and people are waiting to know the real cause. But most intellects think this wildfire broke out naturally.


Black, gray and white smokes billowed above a fire line that stretched for miles as air tankers and helicopters made repeated passes over the blaze, dropping fire retardant and water. The blaze was especially intense at its northern flank, where leaping flames engulfed trees. The dark towering smokes were bold enough to make people at a loss. Colorado wildfire sufferers just gazed the destruction of nature with teary eyes.

On Wednesday evening, police issued a voluntary evacuation alert, advising residents to be prepared to flee at a moment’s notice, for homes in the northern end of Colorado Springs itself, in an area that lies east of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

It was barely a year ago that Colorado Springs, which lies at the eastern foothills of the Rockies about 45 miles south of the state’s capital and largest city, Denver, had its last major brush with wildfire.

The most destructive blaze in Colorado history engulfed more than 300 homes on the western edge of the city last summer, killing an elderly couple and forcing the evacuation of some 35,000 people. It almost devoured a civilization.

A separate fire in southwest of Colorado Springs forced the closure of one of the state’s leading tourist attractions, the Royal Gorge Bridge. They even needed to evacuee of more than 905 inmates from the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility in Canon City to other prisons, overnight.

No matter how much we upgrade our technologies, sciences or lives, we are still dolls in the hands of God. Such abrupt natural calamities make us weak from inside. Still we fight, strive and thrive to get a better world defying all curses of nature. Colorado wildfire may paralyze our lives only to make us bold enough to forge ahead minimizing the dangers of nature.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul



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