Diabetes Life Transformation Through Raw Foods

Diabetes Life Transformation through Raw Foods
Over 25 million Americans have been ‘diagnosed’ with type 2 diabetes.  You could say it’s a national epidemic. However, the cure for this potentially fatal disorder could be as close as your kitchen, according to M.D Gabriel Cousens, as explained in his enlightening book co-authored with David Rainoshek There Is a Cure for Diabetes: the Tree of Life 21-day Program.  This program explains the transformational effects raw foods can have on diabetes and life.

The number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing yearly with the prediction that if trends continue, one out of every five or even every 3 people will have diabetes by the year 2050.  Whether this number is reached could have nothing to do with an uncontrollable epidemic and everything to do with the food we put into our mouths.  With a growing number of fast food chains, packaged, processed and artificially treated foods, soft drinks and questionable ‘school lunches’ it seems we have set ourselves up in this country for such a health condition.  On the other hand, if we do as Gabriel Cousens and David Rainoshek suggest and turn back to the bounty of the earth as it grows naturally, we could have this thing licked in as soon as 21 days!

According to the 21-day raw foods diet program as outlined in their book, insulin and other diabetes medication could become unnecessary within even 4 days of beginning the protocol, as blood sugar levels fall to normal nearly instantly.  They have had much success with people going from diabetic status to non-diabetic status in as soon as 2 weeks on the raw foods program.  That’s fast!

Columbia Medical School graduate, Cousens has been treating diabetics successfully for over 35 years.  So why is this information such a secret?  Well, the truth is, it isn’t a secret – you can find this information on the world wide web without any problem, but the cure is not being widely promoted and that’s the problem.  Those who visit their doctors at clinics and medical centers across the country are more likely not be told about the raw food diet, as it has no basis in any medical training received in any medical school across the country.  Gabriel is one of the original pioneers in seeking out alternative and dietary measures for dis-eases.  Medical school students receive less than 25 hours of nutrition and dietary training in all of their ten years of study, so to have the knowledge about this information – as a doctor – you have to seek it out.

What is a Raw Food Diet?

A raw food diet might sound a little boring or intimidating to one who has never considered it.  Will you have to give up delicious flavors and the enjoyment of eating?  The truth is that the raw food diet is really a lifestyle alteration more than a ‘diet’ as you would traditionally think of.  People are learning to eat differently and focus on greens, salads, smoothies and simple compilations of live foods.  What happens when you start eating this way is at first, a great longing for the foods you were eating before.  After some time however, and for many it doesn’t take long, you begin to lose taste for foods that once brought you such satisfaction. You start to be compelled toward the ‘healthier’ foods as the ones that really taste good.  It’s like your body knows what it needs and starts to crave the foods you really want to eat.

As with any new habit, there will be an adjustment period, which is why it is recommended to stay on a new regimen for 21 days, as that is how long researchers say it takes us to form new neuro-pathways.  The goal is to get away from food that contribute to the diabetic state including high glycemic foods such as white sugar, white flour, white rice, alcohol, coffee, junk food, wheat, maple syrup and honey.  Some fruits are okay(like cherries and berries), but most are avoided initially.  Eating a raw food diet can be completely life-transforming leading one away from the debilitating symptoms of the dis-ease back to the joy of eating freely again.

The truth is there are loads of raw food cookbooks and classes out there teaching folks to eat raw in the most delicious amazing ways possible.  Those who make the change, normally find that they have a larger selection of choices than they did before they switched.  It is just a matter of opening to a whole new world, one full of nut pates, avocado dips and sprouted bean salads.  The possibilities go on and on.

With so many facing the potential progression of type 2 diabetes, leading to cellular dysfunction, obesity, possible strokes and even death it seems having knowledge of simple dietary alterations as a potential cure would thrill any diabetic into dedicating at least 21 days into personal research.  There are many who have transformed their lives through the benefits of raw foods, diabetes is yet another disorder that could be on the verge of extinction if approached with dedication and awareness.  So go ahead, give it a try!

You can find out more about Gabriel Cousens M.D. and his life-altering programs by visiting his website Tree of Life -listed below.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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