Disneyland tickets not the only high price of family vacations (poll)

Disneyland tickets not the only high price of family vacations
Disneyland tickets not the only high price of family vacations

The announcement this week that Disneyland has raised their ticket prices to $92 for one day admission into the park or $137 for a Park-Hopper if you want to enjoy California Adventure as well is not the only high price of family vacations this year.

Many Americans are pondering the question as to whether or not those two weeks of domestic bliss are a thing of the past with the threat of terrorist attacks, both foreign and domestic.

Last week’s dry ice “bomb” explosion at Disneyland’s Toontown, the happiest place on Earth, begs the question “Are family vacations in peril?” Christian Barnes, 22, was arrested in the case.

Barnes, a mobile soda vendor in the park has been booked on suspicion of possession of a destructive device, bail is $1 million.

In a land famous for carefree days and firework-filled nights, the dry ice “bomb” in Toontown forced authorities to clear the area for approximately two hours, from 5:30 p.m. until it reopened around 7:30 p.m.

The plastic bottle bomb was left in a trashcan; and, according to authorities, the device was similar to others that have exploded around the Anaheim area in recent months.

Although Tuesday’s explosion did not result in any injuries officials are still trying to establish a motive. Why would somebody want to set off a bomb near the House of Mouse, the official Happiest Place on Earth?

In recent months, our nation has mourned the loss of lives and what innocence we may have had left when two brothers from Chechnya conspired to use pressure cooker bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon; at Christmas time last year, a man began shooting in a mall near Portland, Oregon, and killed two before turning the gun on himself; last year 12 were killed while watching a movie and dozens more were injured when James Holmes entered a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises and opened fired; and we will never forget the tragedy of 9/11 when thousands were lost in one of America’s most significant and unimaginable events.

Disneyland’s high ticket prices may or may not impact your upcoming family holiday; however the threat of terrorism might be an even higher price to pay.

With Memorial Day traditionally marking the beginning of the summer holiday and family vacations, how safe do you feel taking your family out to a highly populated or popular destination?

Disneyland tickets not the only high price of family vacations
Disneyland tickets not the only high price of family vacations

Set aside the age-old fear of flying, high gas prices, and the typical family drama of long car trips or family reunions, is a family vacation on the agenda this year? Or is it more likely to be a stay-cation?

Time/CNN/ORC conducted a telephone poll on April 30 of 606 American adults asking how they felt about terrorism and freedom; here are some of the results of the poll:

Are you less likely to attend a large public event in the future to avoid being a victim of terrorism?

Yes 27%

Are you worried that you or someone in your family will become a victim of terrorism?

Yes 40%

Do you favor the use of facial recognition technology to scan public events?

Yes 86% (2001)

Yes 79% (2013)

Do you favor surveillance by camera of streets and other public places?

Yes 63% (2001)

Yes (81% (2013)

Disneyland tickets not the only high price of family vacations
Disneyland tickets not the only high price of family vacations

Will the events at Disneyland or the Boston Marathon have an effect on your family’s vacation plans this summer?  Are the terrorists, foreign or domestic, going to force your family into canceling your plans for the summer, or will you stand up to them and go to The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Myrtle Beach,  The Hamptons, The Statue of Liberty, Hawaii, or Disneyworld with the kids in tow, showing them the tenacity of the American spirit?

The fact that the price of a one day pass to Disneyland rose to over $90, or that gas prices are high again this year, or even that unemployment is still high, there may still be other mitigating factors that will keep Americans close to home.

Will your family vacation be deterred by the threat of terrorism?

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By Dawn Cranfield

Senior Correspondent / Product Specialist

Calabresi, Massimo, and Crowley, Michael, “Homeland Security How Far Should We Go?” Time Magazine, May 13, 2013, pp 23-28

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