Extreme Weight Loss Meredith fulfills her tattoo


Extreme Weight Loss tonight was another episode that tugged at emotional heartstrings. This episode was about how Meredith fulfills her tattoo, and the words “Believe It, Be It,” that were also a part of the tattoo.

Meredith, a 370 pound woman, was who the episode focused on. She wanted to lose weight so badly that she had her goal weight she wanted to reach tattooed on her stomach: 155, along with the words mentioned above.

Her birth parents gave her up for adoption, and that effected her entire outlook on life. She had a low sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and turned to food for comfort.

While her adoptive parents showed her love, Meredith always felt like she was unworthy of it. They kept junk food in their house, enabling her in her unhealthy weight gain.

Chris Powell, the show’s host, gave her the initial goal to lose 80 pounds of weight. She had just 30 days to accomplish this first goal. Chris had so much confidence in her that he sent her back to her house alone.

Mackenzie, her sister gave Meredith a difficult time, however, wondering why they should get rid of the cookies and other junk food in the house. Meredith felt like she wasn’t getting enough support, so Chris decided to move into the house with them and help her train, like he usually has done in past episodes.

Meredith’s weight dropped off quickly initially, with the help of Chris, and her parents also encouraged her on.

Chris knew that Meredith was a big fan of Baywatch, and he thought that a nice run in the sand might remind her of the show.

“She’s enamored of the Baywatch lifestyle,” Chris said.

But, when Chris asked her to go for a run with him on the beach, during the boot camp fitness stage of her weight loss regimen, Meredith couldn’t run very far before she broke down in tears, saying “this is the worst day in my life.”

Meredith didn’t give up on her dream to lose enough weight to reach her desired goal, though.

Chris wanted to address all of Meredith’s problems, not just her weight, but also  the emotional and psychological ones that caused her to turn to food to fill a void in her life.

He suggested that Meredith contact her birth mother, and let her know how she felt. Chris believed that Meredith needed to do that in order to move on with her life and to not let the past influence her any longer.

Meredith said that she might try to contact her birth mother at some later time, but she wasn’t ready to do so yet.

At the first weigh-in, Meredith made her goal of 80 pounds, and even lost four more, for a total of 84 pounds lost.

Chris was proud of Meredith, and she was proud of herself, but then Chris announced the next goal for her to meet: 50 more pounds in the next 30 days.

Also, Chris said that he had something in mind for her to do:

“I want you to train for the Niagara Falls International Marathon.”

Meredith looked kind of shocked, but she boldly accepted the challenge, and began rigorously training and running to be able to compete in the 26.2 mile race that spans two countries, America and Canada.

“It’s going to be one of the biggest challenges in Meredith’s life,” Chris said.

While training and running, Meredith experienced pain in one of her knees. When she went to the doctor, he told her that she’d torn her miniscus. This slowed down her training and her weight loss.

Meredith kept on training anyway, but took it a little easier on her knee by not running as much. Also, she told Chris  she was finally ready to contact her birth mother.

Meredith traveled to Chris and Heidi’s house in Arizona to be there as she wrote the letter. Chris had discovered the address of Meredith’s birth mother, and had it sent as a certified letter.

At her next weigh-in, she was disappointed that she’d only lost 32 pounds. That was at least in part due to her injured knee, though it didn’t look good as to if she would be able to compete in the International.

When Meredith and Chris finally stood by Niagara Falls, it was an incredible moment. Meredith said that “All of this is just an hour from my house.”

Though her birth mother hadn’t answered Meredith’s letter, Chris had a manila envelope in his hand and told Meredith that he’d hired a  detective to find out more information about her birth mother.

He said: “I actually have  a lot of  information here on your mom.”

As Meredith read the information, she seemed to look more accepting of the entire situation. She read that her mother had given birth to her when she was fairly young, and Meredith could understand why she wouldn’t have been able to financially handle having baby.

Another really great moment in this episode was when Chris said that he had a surprise for Meredith. The surprise was that he’d brought Nicole Eggert, one of the stars of Baywatch, to meet her.

Nicole admitted that she had a weight problem she had to deal with, also.  She said she’d heard of Meredith and wanted to meet her. They ran on the same beach that Meredith had had problems running on earlier in the episode. It was cool to see Meredith finally meeting one of her favorite television stars.

The episode, like the first one of the season, had lots of tear-jerking moments, like when Meredith said: “When I met you, I was so broken,” and then Chris told her “You’re free.”

Though her knee was in pain, Meredith decided to go ahead and run the Niagara Falls International Marathon, anyway.

Chris Powell joined her, and they ran side-by-side, with Chris encouraging her all the way.

At the 19th. mile, Meredith was ready to quit. Her knee hurt too badly. But, she pushed though her pain, and her parents joined her for the last few miles of the race.

At the final weigh-in of the show, Meredith hit her goal exactly — she weighed 155 pounds. Her mother and father were very happy for her, and her sister, Mackenzie, said she was proud of Meredith, also.

It was a fantastic episode — if you missed it, I hope you set your DVRs to record it.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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