Eye-kissing Endangers Eyes Resulting in Oculolinctus and Conjunctivitis


Act of Danger?


This novel news of Opthalmology may grab many eyeballs or roll many eyes but “Eyeball-kissing or eyeball-licking may cause oculolinctus and conjunctivitis”, according to the survey. Believe it or not this “eye-worming” trivia is increasing at an alarming rate in Japan and teenagers or preteens are worst sufferers. This eye-kissing habit is most common among Japanese school students to showcase affection and it results major eye infections along with Oculolinctus, conjunctivitis and often ‘Blindness’. ‘Pinkeye’ is another syndrome of such malpractice.

Our tongue is habitat of many bacterias and when one licks eyeballs with it, the bacterias and viruses sweep into the eyes resulting in major optical dysfunctions. The eyeball-kissing practice is spreading across the Japanese high schools as the students get involved with it very easily when kissing gets boring. And when kissing gets boring a person graduates to such unhealthy trivia just for some excitement. It not only kills eye health but enhances the risks of blindness. Oculolinctus is major optical disease as it needs constant care to get cured. It is truly “worming” of eyes as the eyes obtain worms, germs, bacterium by this practice.

Dr. Robert Noecker, an ophthalmologist says, ‘Eyes are very sensitive part of body and eyeballs give feel good sensation. That’s why teens love it’. According to him, cornea, most sensitive innervated part gets affected by this. In sever cases sexually transmitted diseases can occur. A Japanese school teacher had seen up to 10 students wearing eye patches and he understood they are hiding serious eye ailments. Students can’t get enough of it even if it involves eyes, Conjunctivitis and Oculolinctus.

The origin of ‘Eye-kissing’ is not the matter of past. A Japanese emo band first showed it on their music video “Spiral eye” just to distract visitors but it became a craze since then. Even it’s spreading across other countries because everyone do cultivate social networking sites. Through this window of the world the window of our body, ‘Eyes’ get terminated. Oculolinctus and Conjunctivitis both can damage the eyes or even eyesight truly. That’s why ‘Eyeball-kissing’ should be prevented. It not only endangers eyes, it endangers our body.

Today, “tumblr” is brimming with photos and videos having scenes of ‘eyeball-licking’ and close-up images, drawings are made to turn heads and grab eyeballs. You tube also showcases this and surely, other social networks soon will enlist their names if it isn’t prevented promptly. We hear a Japanese kid saying, ‘My ex-boyfriend used to do this. Today, we are not together but I do cherish the moments. And if I meet someone new, I ask about it……it turns me on’. If they really want to stick to this malpractise, it’s eradication must be complicated. All should be aware of its dangers, baneful syndromes to combat the problem.

However, the dangers of oculolinctus are very real. As well as spreading pink-eye like nobody’s business, there’s also a risk of corneal scratching, which can lead to ulcers and blindness. Plus, there’s a strong chance that you’ll have to go to school the next day in an eye patch. So students, be aware of this. You may grab eyeballs but eyeballs should not grab you. Eye-kissing may give you feel good sensation but ultimately it gives you disease. It results in Oculolinctus and Conjunctivitis like diseases, compelling you to “hide” something that endangers your eyes.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul