Fast and Furious Movie Franchise Moving Forward With 7

Fast & Furious movie franchise moving forward.

According to film star and producer Vin Diesel, the Fast & Furious movie franchise is moving forward with number seven in the series. The 45 year-old action movie star has already stated the he sees the next film in the franchise as the beginning of a new trilogy.

But trilogy news aside, it is in the area of prospective cast names and locations that has most fans of the films excited. The latest ‘A’ lister name to be dropped in connection with the project is Halle Berry. The 46 year-old actress, who is pregnant with a baby boy, has been mentioned to be one of the “new” stars in the film.

Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, who played Tej in “Fast and Furious 6, told TheGrio that they want the 46-year-old actress to star in the next movie. Ludacris said straight out that he and Gibson want the sexy mother to ben in the next film.

Ludacris said, “We’re both fighting over Halle Berry being in the franchise and having sex scenes. Yes we need that.”

The 34 year-old Gibson added that, “She does these big franchise type movies. We’ve seen Jordana pregnant, she’s pregnant right now. We could really make use of Halle Berry in this movie. Give me some of that Halle Berry bottom lip c’mon.”

Of course it has already been confirmed that 45 year-old action star Jason Statham will be playing the “big bad” in the next instalment of the Fast and Furious Franchise and that the 21 year-old heartthrob from the Twilight franchise Taylor Lautner has been approached to be in the film.

These are just the first few new names to be announced in connection with the newest episode of the Fast & Furious 7 film.

But cast list isn’t the only thing that has fans of the franchise excited. The film’s locations have started a buzz as well. With Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East and Tokyo, Japan already pencilled in for set locations, the international flavour of the films will continue. Fans in the Middle East have been trying to confirm if Dubai is in fact where filming will take place and so far, Dubai is the odds-on favourite.

Vin Diesel has gone on record as saying that the previous films in the Fast & Furious verse lost continuity when he briefly left the franchise. He has promised that he will be bringing the continuity back now that he is a producer for the films.

If you have any doubt about continuity, just look at the ending sequence of Fast & Furious 6. (Spoiler alert here, if you haven’t seen the film yet, skip this next part.) The film seemingly catches up, or back if you prefer, to the earlier film in the franchise, Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. The audience see Han (played by Sung Kang) get purposely t-boned by another car. In a classic reveal, the driver steps out and the camera moves in to show the famous action-movie star Jason Statham.

And as we said earlier, Statham has already signed up to play Owen Shaw’s brother who is hell-bent on revenge in Fast & Furious 7. This newest addition to the Fast & Furious franchise will begin shooting in Sept. this year and it is slated for a summer release of June 2014.

So we believe Diesel when he says the that the Fast & Furious movie franchise is moving forward with number seven. We think that the film will introduce not only new cast member that will make even the most jaded film fan droll, but we also believe that the film makers will be adding another gear onto the already fast paced action packed franchise.

By Michael Smith