Fast & Furious 7 Poll Results

Fast & Furious 7 Poll Results
On the Memorial Day weekend opening of Fast & Furious 6 we found out that the next film in the franchise, Fast & Furious 7 had already been approved for release next year and full of excitement we started a Poll and you all responded really well. So here is the final result from the Fast & Furious 7 Poll.

Just to refresh your memory on what the poll asked here it is:

How excited are you about Fast & Furious 7 coming out next year?

I’m so excited that I’m on over-drive right now.

I’m still too excited about Fast & Furious 6 to even think about 7.

Are you kidding? It’s time to park this franchise.

Fast & Furious what? –

Other –

The end result was that a whopping 89 percent of you are still on over-drive with excitement about Fast & Furious 6 to even care about the sequel! The rest of the results were that five percent of you didn’t even want to think about Fast & Furious 7 yet.

Two percent of you guys think it’s time to “park” this franchise and a further four percent either couldn’t make up their minds on how they felt or didn’t care one way or another.

The voting was pretty “fast and furious” with almost 1500 of you casting a vote of some kind or another. And it looks like at least 89 percent of you are still pretty jazzed about Fast & Furious 6! The box office receipts for the film so far back you up, you aren’t alone in that “overdrive” position right now.

With the news that not only did they cram the bodies into cinemas at an almost record breaking rate, they’ve pulled in some serious coin as well. And after looking at the Fast & Furious 7 poll results it seems that you guys aren’t too bothered just yet and the next film in the series.

Even the news that the super “hot Jason Statham is joining the cast of the new film didn’t get you too excited. Also the addition of James Wan, who brought us Saw, Insidious and Dead Silence didn’t get you too heated up.

Apparently the combination of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Sang Kang, and Michelle Rodriguez along with all the action and stunts from Fast & Furious 6 have you all in the adrenalised zone.

Maybe because the plot hasn’t been released?

We don’t know if that’s the sticking point, but we are still thrilled about the idea of Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, and Sang Kang coming back in the next instalment plus Statham and Wan joining the team means that the whole thing will be faster and more furious.

So even though a lot of you are still too excited to even think of the sequel, the studios must be banking on everyone calming down over the next year. That these movies make money is beyond question. Considering that the film pulling in some very impressive money at the cinema showing, the DVD/Blu-ray revenue will most likely be just as impressive.

There is no word on when the popular film will be on the home entertainment market, but whenever the film is released it will be timed to prime fans and their appetite for the 2014 Fast & Furious 7 opening on the big screen.

So there you have it, the Poll results for the Fast & Furious 7 question, how excited are you? Now that you’ve let us know how you feel, you might want to start saving for that Blu-ray edition that will surely be out near the end of the year.

By Michael Smith


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