French Open – Rafa Nadal in excruciating pain (video)

Superman Nadal doesn't feel it like that

Rafa Nadal in pain

The French Open should be renamed. Rafa Nadal should have the right to name this tournament however he would like, because  after winning the French Open seven times, and hopefully soon he will be able to add an eighth time to that, why shouldn’t he? Some would consider it a game of trophies. (Especially because he has to compete with other incredibly talents like Roger Federer, and Djokovic. Federer used to be a real threat to Nadal, but lately Federer has lost his edge. Maybe it’s because Roger is focusing on family life, rather than on his game.) Nadal can be seen as a super man. Rafa Nadal is always in excruciating pain. Some days are better than others, but for us mere mortals it would be impossible to be in such pain, and play like Nadal does. (Aside from the pain most people would also be lacking his tennis talent of course.)

Rafa Nadal, always has been a colorful character. Not in the least because of his incredible talent, and politeness. (Whenever Nadal does an interview he never puts the other player down. He always says that it had been a difficult game, that the other player is super talented, but that he, Rafa, could figure out how to win that specific game. However he always continues on by saying how he will fear next time when he will meet that specific player on court again, because said player is so talented. He also always thanks the public. Not only the public who is actually there with him, and has been cheering him on for the whole tournament, but also the people watching at home. He thanks you too! He also never forgets about the volunteers who retrieve his tennis balls for him. (Isn’t it a crying shame that these people are volunteers, when the price money is 1.5 million Euro. Roughly 1.9 million dollars?) Rafa would be a bigger hero if he actually gave some of that money away to the volunteers. I am sure that his words mean a lot, but usually money speaks louder.

If the Spanish Queen is in attendance, then be assured that Rafa won’t forget about her either. He usually starts of thanking her ,followed by his family and team. (Sometimes it would be appropriate if he would also thank his physician, and physiotherapist because of the excruciating pain Nadal usually is in, and they always help him getting through it. Once again, his doctor, and therapist are there during the French Open to cater to all his needs.)

Apart from all of this, Rafa is actually a very funny and witty person. He might come of as shy but he is definitely not one to take him self too serious. We have put together the funniest moment of the past years:

Rafa and Federer were supposed to film a commercial for the Spanish television, however the giggles caught the better of them. An instant classic, especially because Roger and Rafa are always portrayed as these huge enemies. The truth is, they get a long very well.

This video not only shows Nadal shirtless but he has such brilliantly funny remarks for Jim Courier. (Fun fact; this was at the 2011 French Open, or Ronald Garros) If you are pressed for time then move to the 1.47 mark. You will be laughing all day.

Nadal is funny and a gentleman. After the U.S. Open where he beat Gael Monfils, he was changing his clothes. While doing that, a male fan ran up to him and started hugging, and kissing him. Rafa was not fazed about that in the least. He actually thought the man was very nice. He talks about the experience in the video. (Of course it was a security breach, and the people at the U.S. open didn’t like what had happened. The man was arrested on the spot.)

All this funny stuff aside. Nadal is a great player. He has such unbelievable arms, which he doesn’t share enough with the world anymore. It was a sad day when he decided not to wear sleeveless tops anymore. (The sponsors should make him play without sleeves. So much better!) He is a gentleman and has flowy hair like Tarzan. However let’s not forget that he is a true athlete. He never goes one day without playing tennis, and he always, always has to play in excruciating pain. Let’s all vote for Rafa Nadal winning the French Open. Vamos Rafa!!

By Georgina Pijttersen



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