Genetic Possession

A Quantum Look into Research Findings

Genetic Possession
Well that’s a relief. It looks like no patent is being granted for something created by the Universal Intelligence. It’s official – DNA does not belong to any corporation, according to Supreme Court rulings yesterday, no genetic possession – (except by the one breathing out of it). Myriad Genetics was hoping to obtain patents on isolated genetic material such as the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 genes linked to hereditary cancer – as made widely famous in the news recently by Angelina Jolie’s diagnosis and subsequent double mastectomy. Myriad Genetics was the only place you could get this specific testing done for these genes, due to patents, so what now?

I can’t help but pull the perspective granted by quantum physics into this whole picture and ask the questions “were the genes found because someone was looking for them?” and “did they even exist before they were found?” According to quantum physics, the observer is a key element in the outplay of any discovery. The very fact that we were looking for genetic mutations that could cause potential cancer, according to quantum theory, could have been enough to make their existence a real thing. The question is now that they have been observed, documented and shared – is it possible that they are now a permanent part of this reality structure, or can we let them go back to where they came from- in our minds? Do we end up with unwanted genetic possession factors due to careless observers?

In this medically and ‘safety’ based culture, we seem to be hell bent on creating more and more laws, rules and perimeters in this country that, through quantum eyes, does not support the idea of an expanding universe, but rather manifests instead the very things we are fearing. (see my recent article Safety verses Cosmic Order) Some would argue that we need research to determine the cause of certain things, and to look for possible solutions, but perhaps we are approaching the whole things backwards. ┬áHas anyone went into find the miraculous self-healing gene or the gene that allowed us to fly?

My point is, what if we went into a research project deciding to find something miraculous instead of deadly? What if we fixed ourselves with the positive intent to find ways to be freer instead of more confined and limited? I suppose that would leave certain corporations and institutions at a disadvantage, but what is our ultimate goal here anyway? In the case of Myriad Genetics, it is almost as though they had positioned themselves for financial gain by looking for and finding potentially cancer-forming genes and then seeking the patent for them. Do we find what we look for in genes and in life?

Research is all based on a hypothesis, the assumption of what one will find when they look deeply into something. Modern metaphysics clearly confirms that our minds are a powerful source of healing or personal demise. Studies have shown ill patients implement the power of positive thinking, visualization and affirmations with miraculous results. The opposite has been documented as well.

The Supreme Court ruling is a big win for personal sovereignty as well as freedom for scientists to research without the fear of being sued. The truth remains that if scientists are not owners of genetic material created by the cosmic all, nature, god, however you want to look at it – who is? We are – the ones holding the genes, walking around in them. The ‘other’ does not have the power of ownership over a naturally created thing, but we have power over our own bodies and their DNA, cellular memory and health. Only we can believe and integrate the suggestions of others or choose sovereignty and create the field in our body temple that we choose. No one can possess our genetics except us. In this we can be free of any scientific research or discovery that does not align with our highest intention of the self. In this knowing we can become a more empowered people.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: CSNBC; Wall Street Journal; Wikipedia; The Observer Effect; Getting Started with Quantum

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