Granger Smith and His New Video Feature Johnny Manziel (Video)

Granger Smith has Johnny Football in his new video

Country music singer Granger Smith has released his music video for Silverado Bench Seat on Friday and Johnny Manziel was in it with his beautiful girlfriend Sarah Savage, as well as former A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope. We have the music video below if you want to watch and listen!

If you’re a bit hazy on just who Manziel is, you’ve almost surely heard of his best girl Sarah. She posted a stunning picture on Twitter via her Instagram and the racy bikini photo may not make you know much more about Heisman trophy winner Manziel, but it would be surprising if you didn’t wind up hating him just a little for having a girlfriend who looks that good in a bikini. Sarah Savage is a model and a student at A&M and she added to the bottom of the Twitter picture, “Can’t wait to be back on the beach #15days.”

But fans of Johnny Manziel will get a kick out of seeing this Sophomore football player in the music video, although he doesn’t really do too much in it except toss a football, sit in a pickup truck with his girlfriend, flirt and then sign some autographs.

But folks have been saying that this has to be the first time a sophomore football player has been in a music video that he or one of his lightly talented friends didn’t produce.

Smith is an up and coming country star, Billboard did an article on him last month. It turns out that the country singer is a huge Texas A&M fan. He even recorded a song called “We Bleed Maroon,” which became the unofficial anthem of A&M football.

So it should come as no surprise that Granger Smith decided to star the young Johnny Manziel in his video, how else do you let your favourited NCAA team know that you’re still their biggest fan?

It must be considered as an almost essential part of NCAA training. Getting future NFL stars to get used to the multi-media limelight. Or it is just one way to shoot your music video on the cheap while paying homage to your favourite team and player. Either way, I like it.

For those of you who are Texas “Aggie” fans, Jonathan Paul Manziel is also known by his nickname, Johnny Football, and he’s an American football quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies. He was nationally recruited out of high school as a dual-threat quarterback with an impressive ability to extend plays.

In 2012, Manziel debuted for the Aggies as a redshirt freshman in Kevin Sumlin’s Air Raid offense during A&M’s first season in the SEC. Manziel was given the nickname “Johnny Football” by fans and students at Texas A&M before the start of the 2012 season.

On December 8, 2012, Johnny Manziel, aka, Johnny Football became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. He is also the first freshman to win the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award.

On a almost side note, on January 4, 2013, Manziel led Texas A&M to victory 41-13 in the 2013 Cotton Bowl Classic against Oklahoma. The Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M is featured in the video for country artist Granger Smith’s song “Silverado Bench Seat,” which made its debut Friday on ESPNU’s “College Football Live.”

Granger Smith is, unsurprisingly a 2002 graduate of Texas A&M and of course as such he is a life time fan of the Aggies. About Johnny Football being in his music video, Smith said, “It goes right alongside what he’s been doing. He’s entered the pop culture like no A&M quarterback ever has – rarely has any college quarterback entered the pop culture. I think at first it made everyone nervous: ‘How’s this gonna pan out? Is he gonna end up in trouble somewhere?’ But I think we’ve all embraced his personality. This is just him, how he embraces life to the fullest.”

I had not heard any of Mr Smith’s music before this video and as of now, he has a new fan. AFter cutting my teeth on country music as a child, I’ve not taken to many of the “new” artists, but I like Smith’s style .

Watch Granger Smith in his new country music video and watch Johnny Manziel play his part. The song is and the video are good enough that it almost makes up for the fact that both men are Aggies. But this old Arkansas Razorback knows talent when he hears it and sees it. Enjoy the music video.

By Michael Smith


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