Green Tea the Good News Tea

green tea

The potent plant nutrient called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, found in Green tea is proving to be the good news tea and is the best medicine for a healthier life style.

The Japanese and the Chinese have been drinking Green Tea for thousands of years. The tea is not only for their pleasure but also for the health benefits. Green Tea contains antioxidants and vitamins that are more effective than regular teas. It is low in caffeine, with a distinctive smoky and nut like flavor. The tea can be taken either hot or cold, with lemon or honey.

During the production and processing of Green Tea, none of the active ingredients such as catechins and vitamins are lost through fermentation and oxidation as occurs in normal tea processes. The green tea leaves are either steamed or pan-fried to retain their active ingredients.

Cholesterol is a widespread problem around the world, and research has found that the EGCG in Green Tea actually helps prevent fat build up in the arteries; meaning that green tea can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The Journal of Applied Oral Science tested the effects of EGCG against bacteria found in the mouth and it is proven effective in fighting this bacteria. Several other journals have confirmed the antibacterial effect on harmful dental bacteria.

The active nutrient EGCG in Green Tea has proved to be an effective and natural inhibitor of the cancer cell metabolism in breast tumors. Further studies by the Cancer Prevention Research reported that the EGCG in Green Tea suppressed lung cancer cell growth and can prevent and inhibit colorectal cancers. EGCG aids the body by killing prostate cancer cells.

The EGCG in green tea, similar to other catechins, activate fat burning genes in the stomach and can speed up weight loss. Green tea is the overall fat buster. Energy levels remain stable, and the tea is found to balance sugar levels. The blood sugar spikes and crashes that result in fatigue, irritability and cravings for unhealthy foods are also controlled by the improved insulin use in the body from Green Tea.

The active ingredient contains a potent antioxidant that can positively affect the skin cells. It can prevent skin damage and wrinkling. The EGCG is considered more powerful than vitamin E, when it comes to destroying skin-damaging free radicals. It is reported that free radicals are increasing linked to many serious illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, and diabetes. Another benefiting factor from the tea is the protection of the skin against UV damage.

The research continues, and more health benefits are being discovered. Green Tea, rich in catechins, vitamins and minerals is a miracle from Mother Nature, a tea that boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation and improves health. The good news tea with an increasing variety of beneficial health factors.

Written by Laura Oneale

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