Gun Violence Statistics Deliberately Deceptive

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The so-called ‘gun-control’ lobby loves to produce figures for how many people are killed by guns in the United States every year. They will exploit every act of violence, every victim and every criminal act to achieve their goal of stripping law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional rights. These extremists – for that is what they are – are not being honest, however, and their gun violence statistics are deliberately deceptive.

On June 13th, the far-left SlateĀ published a very comprehensive list of all the shooting deaths that have occurred in the United States since the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. To give Slate the credit they deserve, they published a source for every single individual on the list. In doing so, however, they revealed their own dishonesty, since a look at the stories of each of these 5,219 or more deaths reveals that these were not all simply innocent civilians, shot down by evil gun-owners. Clearly, Slate realizes that their readers have neither the curiosity, the intelligence nor the sufficient attention span to check the stories behind each one of these deaths. It was, clearly, assumed that their minute loyal following would merely cast their eyes over the list and gasp in horror, before posting the numbers to all of their like-minded friends of Facebook, so that they could all shake their heads and curse the Founding Fathers – a bunch of crusty, old, rich, white men – for believing that people should be guaranteed certain rights.

A closer look at the first 100 victims on this list reveals the blatant deception in which Slate has indulged. These 100 deaths can be categorized as follows:

15 were shot by law enforcement officers in the line of duty. They were either in the process of committing a crime, had just committed a crime or had threatened to kill, or harm, another person.

9 were suicides.

6 were criminals killed by armed citizens, who were defending either themselves or their property.

3 were confirmed cases of self-defense and one other was probable self-defense, as it involved a woman who shot her abusive husband, during a dispute.

3 were simply non-existent; the links provided led to non-existent pages or to police reports that had nothing to do with anyone being shot.

2 were confirmed accidents.

2 were armed citizens, shot and killed by criminals to whom they gave chase, during the commission of a crime.

1 was listed two times.

Some very basic analysis, therefore, reveals that these gun violence statistics are deliberately deceptive: 41 of the first 100 shootings listed were either legal and justifiable, suicide, accident, non-existent or duplicated. As for the remaining 59 deaths, it is worth noting the following points: Many of them occurred in places known for strict gun control laws, such as Chicago, where five of these shootings occurred, and other parts of Illinois, Washington D.C, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. In addition, it is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of the 59 were committed by criminals, using illegal weapons. Very few of the accounts available had been resolved by police; most are still being investigated. One case was confirmed as an individual who shot and killed someone with a stolen police firearm.

As an interesting side note, Slate decided to include one Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Islamist terrorists responsible for the Boston marathon attack, who was killed during a police pursuit.

Such deception is a common tactic of the anti-Second Amendment crowd; when presenting statistics that are intended to show the prevalence of ‘gun crime’ in the United States, they include criminals who are killed by police, individuals who take their own lives and law-abiding, armed citizens who shot someone who was in the process of threatening them or committing a crime. An undetermined number of these could also turn out to be self-defense, accidental or suicide.

Taking our sample of 100 fatal shooting incidents; it could be argued that, if we disarmed the police and made suicide illegal, we would instantly reduce ‘gun violence’ by 24 percent.

Gun control advocates are never willing to engage in an open, honest and fact-based debate on the subject of reducing gun violence. Their interest is only in disarming the law-abiding public. Their so-called gun violence statistics are deliberately deceptive, because they are determined to conceal the truth, which is that more guns in the hands of responsible, well-trained citizens always leads to a reduction in crime and – in contrast – that disarming the public leads, in all cases, to an increase in violent crime.

Written by Graham J Noble


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