Hangover III 2013 Box Office Hit?

Hangover III 2013 Box Office Hit?

The Hangover III is the less comedic episode of the trilogy, of side splitting humor movies done by director Todd Phillips. The movie is a follow up to Hangover I and II; minus the bachelor party wedding plot. The focus is the adventure of the road as the guys explore the wonders of a joint road trip.

The movie is centered on the character Mr. Chow played by actor ken Jeong. Mr. Chow has stolen 21 million in gold bars from a crew of gangsters. The guys in this new plot become entangled in Chow’s boondoggle. Chow’s character displays wit and determination in out maneuvering the gangsters’ ploy for regaining the gold.

The Las Vegas setting is a return to the original movie’s location. The wolf pack is on the prowl for fun in the sin city. Actor Ed Helms (Stu), Bradley Cooper (Phil) and Zach Galifianakis (Alan) join with Chow in the hilarious caper. The Group is minus actor Justin Bartha (Doug) but Mike Epps brings big laughs with the film’s character Black Doug.
Critics of the film remark the movie has less of a comedic appeal than the first two films. They go on to say the feel of the picture is more action oriented than the previous ones. The film’s mix of humor and action led to a slowed cinema pace many argue. However, the movie follows in the good humored attempt of entertaining its viewers with uproarious antics.

While Hangover I and II were witty with snap back comical retorts, Hangover III is edgy with Jaw dropping physical action humor. The movie does lose some of its original appeal in the absence of the original Doug; but Chow proves to be a superstar. Chow’s high energy performances keep the audience in amused glee.

Mike Epps support role of black Doug is riveting and fresh in his style of comedy as a veteran comedian. His previous roles in Hangover I and II are no comparison to his fresh new material of Hangover III frolics. Mike Epps is the new Richard Pryor of modern times and serves to be the best comedian in action comedy to date.

Zach Galifianakis’s physical comedy is pure hilarity in its delivery to captive audiences. The character of Alan garnered big laughs in Hangover I and II. Zach continues to improve in his ability to be creative in his depiction of the Alan character. Hangover III exudes a more polished version of Alan and the film’s adventure perpetuates his brand of humor.

Hangover III in its 2013 version proves to sustain director Todd Phillips as a director with creativity and vision. With a revamped cast and new writers the film continues to maintain its fan base in the Hangover successions. Its trilogy series will seek to be the box set for the high volume video viewership of Netflix.
Some viewers have adjusted to the more action pack scenes of Hangover III and welcome the departure from the ample witty scenes of the previous films. The current film represents big broad humor in relation to the first two Hangovers.

Hangover III is a departure from the comedy norm of parts I and II. Director Todd Phillips courage in exploring a new direction of the Hangover comedy series is revitalizing. The focus of extending the brand is established by the infusion of more cinematic visuals.

The Initial plots of alcoholic amnesia and drug induced thoughtlessness are rendered mute in this installment of the Hangover series. The focus on the characters actions and scene events are noticeably enhanced. The movie presents itself in a physical appeal of comedy and action in an attempt to broaden viewership.

Although Hangover III may exhibit less of a comedic appeal in the minds of cult Hangover fan critics, it’s an entertaining show. The elevated profile of previous support characters to main roles is a display of creative cinematography by director Todd Phillips. The movie is a must see comedy of the 2013 summer season. Look out for the movie’s release in late May and early June.

Written by: Thomas Barr Jr.

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