I Want to Write the Edward Snowden Screenplay


It has everything.  A young man intentionally acquired a position with an NSA contractor to learn secrets about how the agency was spying on every-day American citizens.  He gathers information, leaves his Hawaii home, a six figure job, and his lovely girlfriend behind, and escapes to Hong Kong.  He releases some of the information to the Guardian, a newspaper in the United Kingdom.  He is aware that a vindictive government, who was breaking the first and fourth amendments of our Constitution, would seek to punish, or maybe eliminate him.  He goes into hiding.  The United States requested Hong Kong to extradite him.  They claimed that the American government gave them incomplete information.  He was allowed to leave the country, and is now in a Russian airport, which is technically not within the confines of the country.  He has been supported by “Wiki-leaks,” and also supposedly by the government of China.  Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has refused to extradite him.   I want to write the screenplay about Edward Snowden, but I don’t know how it will end!

To say that Mr. Snowden has made a mockery or our government is a garish understatement.  It prompts me to ask the question; why was the NSA spying on me?  They can’t even get one man, and all the intelligent forces of the United States are focused on that one individual.  Is the NSA operated by the “Three Stooges?”  Has ‘Alfred E. Newman,’ risen from the pages of “Mad Magazine” to lead the troops?

I don’t care which side of the Snowden situation you find yourself on.  At this point, it doesn’t matter.  It may be the most incredible story of intelligence failure in the history or our country.  For many of us, it’s just plain fun.

For 50 years James Bond has been our favorite spy.  But previous to his “007” fame there were those who sparked our imagination.  And post the initiation of the man who ordered his martinis ‘shaken, not stirred,’ there have been hundreds more, including the “Bourne” series.  But this tale of espionage and expose of a project so secretive that only a few privileged members of government were aware of it, is happening now, and it’s not fiction.

Where will he go next?  Ecuador is considering granting him asylum.  There is also talk of Iceland, which is heavily involved in freedom of information.  Mr. Snowden may be wiser than any member of our government.  He is fully aware of the criminal activities in the day to day operation of what is becoming a totalitarian state.  He is making the American people aware that our government wants to rule us by the “divide and conquer” philosophy.

It has always been strange for someone such as me, who is in his seventh decade of living in America, that our country is more divided than any other nation, until a national disaster occurs, and we ‘rally round the flag.’

If you don’t think this issue is important to your individual freedom, then you are blind, deaf, and dumb.

The so called ‘patriot act’ removed many of our day to day freedoms.  Under the guise of ‘national security,’ and ‘protection from terrorists,’ our government has been allowed to spy on us.  The NSA claims that they are not collecting information about our personal lives.  Why should we believe them?

J. Edgar Hoover placed a reel-to-reel tape recorder under Martin Luther King’s bed!

How will this ‘made-for-TV movie end?  I definitely want to be the author of the screenplay.  I just hope our hero has a happy ending.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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