Imperialism and the United States Government

US Flag Around the Earth

The ignorance of our federal government is rearing its ugly head again.  It doesn’t matter who our President is, or who controls 535 Congressional seats, America loves war.  The United States policy of Imperialism guarantees our involvement in endless military conflict.

The United States had no reason to be in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria.  I have no idea when our failed government officials decided that we were the world’s policemen, or that all of the people of the world wanted a democratic form of government, but, whenever that happened, it signaled the downfall of a country that may have been the greatest the world had ever seen.

Because of the government of the United States, the world is a more dangerous place.  Because of the government of the United States, the good people of our country are hated by the majority of the world’s population.  Because of the government of the United States, we, the citizens, do not receive the benefits from our own taxes.  Our money is spent waging war, or in foreign aid which is paid through a form of atonement for our sins.

Syria is not important to me, or anyone I know.  If this is their civil war, so be it.  Interference in any country, but specifically in the Arab world, has been disastrous 100 percent of the time.

The reality of Syria is complex.  Both sides of the battle involve different governments with different intentions.  But the fact is, the rebels are comprised of Islamic radicals and criminals.  If they are victorious, they will become an enemy of the United States.

John McCain visited the rebels in a self-aggrandizing event.  Two of those with which he was photographed were known kidnappers.  What gain would it be for the American people if we supported the rebels?  The fact is, that whoever wins, and if America becomes involved, we will have made more enemies, and made the world even less safe for our own citizens.

The money that may be spent on aid to the Syrian rebels could be better used at home.  We are in deep ‘do do.’  If Isolationism becomes necessary, than let’s do it.

If our government was intelligent, they would see that they need to act as if the United States was one, big, family.  (We no longer are, but we could be if government got out of the way, and politics were banned.)  In an average American family, family comes first.  If we have extras, we take care of extended family, but the core group receives the majority of attention.

The United States of America is a dying nation.  Those of my era see it clearly.  We are governed by a self-serving group of professional politicians.  The common man no longer fits into the equation of our government’s actions.

If the United States continues its imperialistic ways, we will eventually be destroyed.  And the ultimate destruction will not come from an outside source.  Abraham Lincoln said that we would destroy ourselves.  Sadly, his predictions are in their genesis.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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