In This Economy, Everybody is Looking for a Bargain

In This Economy, Everybody is Looking for a Bargain
In This Economy, Everybody is Looking for a Bargain

With today’s economy, layoffs, downsizing, and escalating prices, everybody is looking for a bargain.  One way to maximize your weekly paycheck is to find savings and discounts for items you may already be using or on purchases you intend to make in the near future.

Years ago, when we had fewer choices, it was easier to comparison shop; it was simple to go to the grocery store and compare a box of Tide to Cheer and determine which the least expensive choice was.  However, with every product and service today there are a plethora or options to select from and even more add-ons with each one.  So, how does one decide where to go when they want to bargain shop?

One way is to peruse the Internet and look for promotions and sales.  For example, if you are shopping for a new cell phone plan, you could go to all of the cell phone companies you could think of and look at their deals, opening new windows for each one, making note of their deals.  The process is laborious at best.

In This Economy, Everybody is Looking for a Bargain
In This Economy, Everybody is Looking for a Bargain is working to cut down some of the work and become a one-stop shop for promotions, discounts, and even tips and advice for saving money.

On one page, you can scan various categories such as cell phone promotions, travel promotions, or broadband promotions.  From there, you can click through to the company website to activate the promotion or explore it further.  It is convenient and easy to use.

The blog feature on offers helpful posts, such as the 5 Tips for More Effective Couponing, where the author offers this sage advice:

  • Combine sales with coupons – This is one of the best ways to really boost your savings
  • Use your android phone and go high tech – Many coupons are now compatible, no bulky organizer needed
  • Sign up online for coupons – You can get only the ones you need, they are targeted for your needs
  • Sign up for loyalty programs – Stores offer incentives based on your shopping habits, take advantage of the programs, you may get coupons based on your shopping as well
  • Do not feel the pressure to stockpile – While some people have become excessive, especially in response to the show “Extreme Couponing”, if you are not going to use it, do not feel the pressure to stockpile; buy only what you will use or it is not a savings

There is a feature on the website to sign up for a weekly newsletter so visitors can stay up to date with the author’s money-saving tips, a good idea for anybody looking for a bargain or wanting to save their pennies in this economy.

In This Economy, Everybody is Looking for a Bargain
In This Economy, Everybody is Looking for a Bargain

Currently, the blogging posts outweigh the discount opportunities; nevertheless, the money-saving advice is sound and the collection of business comparisons in one place is worth the savings in time.  There are computer businesses, web hosting, cell phone plans, travel, and many others.

It is worth a visit to the site even if you only reaped the savings from one change in your habits; such as the advice from the blog post 4 Things You Are Paying for — But Rarely (Or Never) Use, “…Perhaps it’s time to look for ways to watch my favorite shows online for less. One way is through Netflix, but at the very least, check out the latest broadband promotions to see if you can save on your existing plan.”

If you want some money-saving ideas or want to comparison shop some of the latest promotions, stop by to look for a bargain.

By Dawn Cranfield

Senior Correspondent / Product Specialist

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