Jihadists Bombs Kill in Damascus (Video)

Bombs Kill in Damascus

Jihadists exploded bombs near Damascus killing 10 people, President Francois Hollande, France, stated areas occupied by Jihadists should be retaken. France’s Hollande was on a visit from Qatar when he made his appeal.

It is alleged that the attackers are members of the Al-Nusra, a rebel group that proclaims allegiance to Al-Qaeda. Hollande’s appeal was aimed at mainstream rebels for the purpose of freeing the Surian Army to push such groups out of occupied zones.

Syrian officials stated police stations were attacked in three bombings with 14 people dying in the blasts. A central district inhabited by members of President Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite minority community was among the places bombed.

“Al- Nusra Front terrorists tried to enter the police station in Rokn Eddin and the criminal security branch in Damascus,” said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. According to earlier reports bombs killed eight people at a police station in Rokn Eddin in north Damascus.

“Three suicide attackers clashed with police in Rokn Eddin’s police station as they prepared to detonate their explosives,” said Observatory reports. “Three other suicide bombers” tried to attack the criminal security branch in Bab Musalla.

The SANA news agency reported that a three year old child was among those killed in a car bomb in an Alawite neighborhood in Mazzah. Jihadists bombs kill in Damascus causing terror among various community sets throughout the region. Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi condemned attacks on the civilian populations by the terrorists.

Many nations have contemplated assisting the main stream opposition in combating Jihadists, but hesitate for fear of use of such support of arms against a democratic Syria.

Ultimately world nations expressed support in protecting the people of Syria and have promised to assist with measures of aid assistance to fight the terrorist bombings. It was not made clear how individual nations would render assistance.

Rebels have reported receiving new equipment from countries that are friendly to their cause. It was said by unconfirmed sources that support was given by the Gulf Arab nations. However, the United States, France and Britain have remained quiet about what support was rendered.

Countries such as Italy and Germany warn that weapons assistance could further aggravate problems throughout the region. They fear that a spill over effect may occur affecting neighboring countries. Jihadists Bombs kill in Damascus and all measures to combat the conflict should be considered by the Major powers.

By Thomas Barr

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