John Martorano Former Hitman Killer Got $20,000.00 to Rat out Former Boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger

Martorano testimony

Hitman Killer got $20,000.00 to rat out Former Boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger

John Martorano, former hitman for the Winter Hill Gang, testified against his former boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger ratting on him in court. Martorano admitted to killing 20 people and told the Boston court that he was testifying because “it broke my heart” to find out Bulger was a government informant. It was noted that Bulger worked with former FBI Agent John Connolly in furthering the gang’s criminal enterprises in South Boston.

Martorano, 72, testified to chasing moving vehicles with two shooters firing machine guns at the occupants. In one instance he committed a murder and left the victim’s body in the trunk to then be stolen by a teenager. He never recovered the body.

Martorano would kill victims and have underlings take care of discarding the body and cleaning up the scene. “We had a lot of problems with people. And you know, you just killed them before they kill you. It’s kill or get killed at times,” Martorano testified.

A few of Martorano’s killings were of innocent bystanders. One individual was murdered due to a mistaken identity; he drove the same kind of car as the proposed victim. Martorano gave explanations in a matter of fact tone. He seemed unemotional as he gave descriptions of the multiple homicides committed during his time as a hitman.

Testimony was given about a corrupt Massachusetts state police lieutenant who was on the payroll of the Winter Hill Gang. Martorano participated in coordinated payoff drop offs to the tune of $1,000 per meet at a Holiday Inn on the Charlestown/Somerville line.

“We would look at the list of the people whose phones he was bugging. If they weren’t with us, we didn’t say nothing. If they were with us, we told him to go around them or something,” he said. In his description of the meetings with the Massachusetts state police lieutenant.

Marorano had cut a deal with the government at least ten years before testifying against his former boss. The former hitman’s intentions clearly were to reduce his time by ratting on his former boss. He had been a free man since 2007 and Bulger’s defense questioned his credibility stating he continues to participate in criminal enterprises.

Bulger’s defense attorney J.W. Carney called Marorano a “criminal psychopath”.

“He would kill people almost randomly. He would kill people as easily as we would order a cup of coffee…The federal government was so desperate to have John Martorano testify…they basically put their hands up in the air and said take anything you want,” Carney stated.

Bulger, 83, faces a 32-count indictment. He is accused of committing or ordering 19 murders.

On the witness stand Martorano admitted he sold the movie rights to his story as hitman for the Winter Hill Gang and said it was a $250,000.00 deal. In addition, the federal government gave the known hitman $20,000.00 to go straight in preparation for the time of his testimony.

Martorano snaked his way out of a racketeering indictment and life sentence by ratting on his former boss.

By Thomas Barr

Hitman says Whitey Bulger “broke his heart” when he turned informant

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