John Travolta Wedding Crasher

John Travolta wedding crasher
John Travolta is a man of many talents. The American actor is also a, dancer, singer, writer, producer, pilot and, now he’s a wedding crasher.

But he’s just following what appears to be a trend of rich and famous celebrities everywhere. It is obviously the new, “in” thing to do. Crashing weddings is the newest fad to hit Hollywood ‘A’ listers and their ‘B’ and ‘C’ list kin.

Just last week Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson crashed a wedding rehearsal of a bride and groom at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif. and no one complained at all.

Now, it’s John Travolta’s turn. The 59 year-old actor, writer, dancer, et al; was in Georgia to get his pilot’s license renewed. A Reddit post that was “spotted” by Yahoo, said that while John was waiting in a bar, he bumped into a young couple who were getting married the next day.

We hope that the couple had the foresight to get John Travolta to sign the guest register while he was crashing their wedding and posing for pictures!

According to the grooms best friend, Travolta showed up at the wedding the next day in the same outfit he’d worn at the bar and to the delight of the bride and groom posed with them for pictures.

He also posed with the rest of the wedding party for the “big” picture.

But here is where you can see just how “cool” this “ex-sweathog,” had already posed with the couple in the bar the night before. Okay, you can take some points off for not bothering to change his clothes before crashing their wedding, but, the Reddit post did say, it “looked like basically the same outfit as the night before.”

According to the same source who’d posted the pictures on Reddit, the entire time that Travolta posed for the pictures with the bride and groom and the whole wedding party, he was apparently, “nice and down to earth about the whole ordeal.”

But according to the 59 year-old actor this isn’t the first time that he’s gate crashed a wedding. Seems like the Huffington post has dredged up an old interview that John did with USA Today way back in 2009.

It seems that, according to Travolta and Robin Williams, the two were just chilling out when they realised that next door were having a party. The place was Santa Barbara in 1977 and Travolta said in the interview that, “We were having fun, starting to relax, when we saw there was a wedding next door,” Travolta said. “We figured we’d crash it.”

According to Travolta, the wedding party guests and the bride and groom thought that they were impersonators of the real John Travolta and Robin Williams from the two stars’ television shows. Back in the day, Travolta was a big noise in Welcome Back Kotter as Vinnie Barbarino the lead “sweathog” and Robin Williams was Mork from Orc in Mork and Mindy.

Robin Williams added, “They figured out who we were. Some guy yelled out, ‘Hey, they really are Mork and Vinnie Barbarino!’ “

So John Travolta can add to his long list of accomplishments, wedding crasher…times two.

By Michael Smith


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