Justin Bieber has new squeeze?

Justin Bieber has new squeeze?

Pop sensation Justin Bieber seemed really happy having an blonde arm candy on his beach holiday. The celebrated pop star  has been spotted with a mysterious blonde girl, seemingly younger than him on 28th of May. The girl was in his car and thought to be spending a beach holiday with Justin. And Justin, himself looks very happy with this novel hue of his life as he’s going on tweeting about his calm and cool beach holiday. He tweeted, ‘Having fun, enjoying much needed time off,  just needed to come on here and say I appreciate you and thank you all’.

And the new squeeze? What about her? Is she really replacing Selena or is it just a holiday fling? Does she has the potential to turn herself  squeeze to  his ‘personal seductress’?  Time has the answers of these all. When Selena headed to Los Angeles, there was a hope against hope that the young couple would reunite son. But Just goes on changing flames or squeezes one after another.

When Justin got inked for Selena on 30th May, nobody could imagine this wink-wink love story would struggle so much. The tattoo is a ‘knight’, and fans think this is for Selena because he’s becoming chivalrous these days!!

But Who is the mystery blonde? Is there really something to smell or Selena gives Justin some space to enjoy himself ? But it’s not regular for a relationship to go on hanging with others!! And Selena seemed to be really protective on Bieber sometimes. She  tried her best to keep him aloof from Miley Cyrus. A few days ago Justin and Miley alleged to be working on the same studio and Selena got suspicious with it, remembering what happened a year ago! Miley and Justin hooked up subconsciously only to realize it’s not working at all!!  Selena looked best being with Taylor Lautner ( Remembering Jacob Black?); gone are the days, gone are the memories! Yawnnnn!!!.

Will Miley and Selena share the same man again ( remember Nick Jonas)? Or a mysterious blonde will take it all? Selena may not want Miley to mix up with Justin, but Justin is happy go lucky with her. Is she a mere friend? Or waiting to be turned into ‘girlfriend’?

But we don’t want this new blonde!! She is a way less glamorous than Selena or Miley. Either it is Justin-Selena (together Jelena) or it must be Justin-Miley. Nothing should be in between. A new squeeze should not be waiting to be “Squeezed”!!


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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