Kanye West I Am the Nucleus Not So Says Liam Gallagher

Kanye West I Am the Nucleus

The news has been full of Kanye West and his new Yeezus album. He has been unstoppable in his promotion of his latest collection of dropped tracks. Projecting his music video onto the sides of buildings worldwide; granting interviews to the New York Times and talking about Taylor Swift; his being the new Michael Jordan of music and telling the world in the interview that, “I am the nucleus.” Not so, says Liam Gallagher.

Kanye has ruled social media all week as he seemingly single handedly promotes his new album. Besides naming himself “the nucleus,” and comparing himself to Michael Jorden; West is also, according to him, the new Steve Jobs.

This constant bombardment of social media by Kanye has made him the trendiest subject on the internet. It has also sparked the ire of the former Oasis frontman and current member of Beady Eye Liam Gallagher.

41 year-old Liam has lashed out at Kanye after his “ruling” of the internet. (The 36 year-old super rapper has actually been trending better than the Man of Steel movie, although looking at the reviews of the recently released film doesn’t make that seem such a feat.)

Gallagher has branded West a “F***ing idiot” and he has also made fun of his new Yeezus album.

The former Oasis frontman spoke to GQ magazine yesterday and the current Beady Eye frontman teased the hip-hop rapper by discussing the incident where West attacked a photographer after he was snapped banging his head on a street sign.

Kanye West getting caught out by the paps with their cameras sort of takes away from his claim that he is the nucleus, we won’t make any references about neither Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan having a similar experience. But we are sure that Liam Gallagher would not have any compunction in telling the 36 year old rapper, just so he can tell Kanye how he really feels.

Gallagher said, “I couldn’t give a f**k what that f***ing clowns [sic} gets up to. Have you seen when he bumped his head? He’s coming out of the gym with that bird and there are geezers taking pictures. You have to put your head up and carry on walking. He’s gone and walked straight into a f**king pole. You hear it go ‘dink’ and him tell people to stop taking pictures.”

Gallagher then went on to make fun of the religious connotations of the album’s title “Yeezus,” He said, “He’s a f**king idiot. You’ll never see Jesus banging his head.”

The ex-Oasis singer has admitted to NME magazine that both of his band names weren’t so hot in the originality department saying that both Oasis and Beady Eye were “sh*t” names for bands. He said, “It was a shit name, but most band names are shit,” referring to his former group.

Gallagher went on to say, “Look at Beady Eye – sh*t f***ing name. It wasn’t just that [Swindon Oasis Leisure Centre] though. There was [a] shop in the Manchester Arndale Market called Oasis that used to sell cool clothes too, and there was a taxi f***ing rank round the corner called Oasis. It meant that we were out there, because we were different.”

Kanye West is set to officially release ‘Yeezus’ next week on June 18, but the LP got leaked online yesterday on June 14. But don’t ask Liam Gallagher what he thinks of the new album. He isn’t impressed by Kanye West and he definitely doesn’t believe the rapper when his says, I am the nucleus. Liam Gallagher says, “No you’re not, mate.”

By Michael Smith