Kanye West Wants to Make His Baby Girl Proud

Until the day I get struck by lightning I am a god

Kanye West baby girl

On Sunday night, June 9, Kanye West performed his Yeezus track “Black Skinhead” during his headlining set at the Governors Ball Music Festival. During this event he also performed several of his classic songs and three new tracks from his upcoming album. The performance was obscure and very intense. The stage was covered with “not for sale” signs, images of aggressive dogs who seemed ready to attack and even strange figures in black masks which resembled the KKK. He also performed ‘I am God.’ Does all of this seem fitting for his new role as a father? Kanye West probably wants to make his baby girl proud but is this the way to go? Will she respect him someday when she hears her father proclaim: “Until the day I get struck by lightning I am a god.” Or is it all just an act to sell records?

According to Mister West himself this isn’t the case. He just wanted to make real music and he doesn’t even care if he sells a million copies or not. Kanye remembered the days in his career when the record label would make him hold an album until the right moment would present itself. This would be a strategy to control the airwaves and generate the most sales. Kanye doesn’t want to have anything to do with that anymore. According to him:  “When I listen to radio, that ain’t where I wanna be no more,” he said. “And honestly, at this point I can give a f— about selling a million records, as long as I put out an album y’all can rock to all summer.” The public agreed with him and cheered him on to give an even better performance. Maybe this new avenue might make his baby girl proud. Kanye really knows what he wants and this is a good example to set for any kid.

The public was on West’s side and even belted out a heartfelt ‘Happy Birthday’ song. (Kanye had celebrated his 36th birthday the night before with Nas and Jay-Z. Noticeably absent was his lady love preggers with his baby girl, Kim Kardashian. Kim did want to let him know that he was in her thoughts and she made a lovely photo collage to express her feelings for him.) Of course the night wouldn’t have been complete if Kanye hadn’t slipped in one of his rants. Kanye ranted: “This is the part of the show where I start complaining about sh– and justifying sh—,” He did laugh and made sure that the crowd knew that he was coming from a happy place and that he was just there to perform and share his musical genius. Supposedly he is tuning down his aggressive and sometimes awkward attitude in order to make his baby girl proud of him one day. He wants to be a good performer and hopefully an even better daddy.

He also clarified that he wasn’t interested in making too big of a scene. He just made real music and he wants the public to enjoy it. He wants to make it about the music again not about thearetrics or art. His baby girl was enjoying his music as well albeit in the womb. On the reality show of Kim Kardashian, Kim put headphones on her pregnant belly and made the baby listen to her father’s music. For sure Kim is already proud of him and hopefully his daughter will be too.

By Georgina Pijttersen



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