Kayne West “Yeezus” Drops Early, While Hungry Truebies Feel The Waiting Sucks

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here to breakdown the significance of timing in relation to hollywood success from the perspective of numerology and tarot divination. I know it sounds like a mouthful really, but I promise it’ll be simple to understand and it won’t cost a thing but your time. And a little bit of time  invested in numbers always makes a profit. Today we’re going to discuss the esoteric significance of “Yeezus” dropping early, and why TrueBlood fans are hungry and feel the waiting sucks for the shocking premiere tonight at 9 ET

So, Friday June 14, 2013 new father and proud parent, Kayne West discovered that his soon to be released album “Yeezus” was leaked online to a feeding frenzy of fans and critics 5 days early. If you wonder why Kayne West is not often photographed smiling, it’s because the man is very precise about everything he does, and every move he makes on the chessboard of the entertainment industry. Kayne West leaves nothing to chance, and is unabashedly bold in his music, his opinion, and his affiliation with the Masonic Lodge symbols and teachings.


Jay Z and Kayne West Illuminati hand sign
Jay Z and Kayne West Illuminati hand sign

Both Jay Z and Kayne West have publicly thrown up this hand sign and incorporated it into the art on stage and in print. While it is commonly referred to as the Illuminati hand sign, it is a most definitely a lodge members designation from the Masonic Temples. The hand sign they are making is essentially a yoni symbol, a tantric term for the female vagina. It is taken from the masonic lodge square and compass emblem seen here.

Masonic Lodge Square and Compass
Masonic Lodge Square and Compass

The G in the center is said to stand for “God”, or Geometry, because according to FreeMasons God is the Great Architect, and you need geometry to create a cathedral or church. The shape formed by the compass and square is a diamond, which if you extend the points also forms a hexagram or star of David, and Masons make the symbol using other tools or objects, like their hands. In his book, Freemasonry and the Hidden Goddess, William Bond details the matriarchal link behind FreeMasonry and it’s symbols. He points out that the V and the diamond shape are very ancient symbols, dating back to Palaeolithic and Neolitchic art.

The word God comes from the ancient Indo-European languages and originally it meant vagina. So God was originally a female deity and only became a male later on. (The word “man” was also feminine in ancient Indo-European languages, and only came used for the male sex later on.) Even in North Indian today “Khod,” (God) means Vulva; Female Organ of Regeneration, Creation and Eternal Beginning. So the secret name of God would be the Great Mother or Great Architect as the Freemasons call her, in coded form.

It would also make sense of why some Freemasons have put the letter M in the space between the two tools because M would stand for Mother, which is the Ancient name for the Goddess. The word Mother is common in all ancient languages like Ma-ma, Mu, Mah, Maa, Mtat and Mana. They all mean both a mortal mother and the Great Mother.

So, essentially we’ve established a reasonable a basis to connect Kayne West with the esoteric practice of Goddess Worship, how does that fall in line with numerology and tarot? First we need to know a little about how numerology works. If the number in question is a single digit, it is referred to as a base and they reflect what a person or entity appears to be in the eyes of others.  Therefore base numbers are 1 through 9, with 10 being a compound number. A compound number or double digit number reveals the karma  and destiny of a person, or entity, or product, and is examined first as a compound number, then from it’s base. Using the launch of “Yeezus” on the 18th of the month, gives it a karmic expression of the number 18, and the corresponding tarot card of the moon, with a base appearance of the number 9.

Beloved author and astrologer Linda Goodman had this to say abut the compound number 18 and it’s base number 9. The number 18 represents a person of thing that is associated with uprising, rebellion and revolution. If we look at the title Jesus Christ carefully, we see it breaks down to a number 18 / 9 vibration.

J E S U S     C H R I S T

1 5 3 6 3        3 5 2 1 3 4

(18) /9                (18)/9

{9 + 9 = 18 again, 1 + 8 = 9,}  the pattern indicates the power behind the base number 9, which is being indestructible.  Multiply 9 by any number and the sum of the digits that make up that number will stay 9. Try it and see. So there are metaphysical properties associated with numbers, or math, which makes good spiritual sense, since The Great Architect’s language is math. There are other spiritual associations of the number 18, include the Hebrew vibration meaning life. Suffice it to say, it is associated with the name Jesus or Christ, and that his album title “Yeezus” adds up to 27 a compound number of 9, but with a different vibration. The number 27 is a power number, that Goodman calls “The Sceptre” “that guarantees great rewards from productive labours” filled with creativity and imagination, and originality. With this type of science, it’s easy to see why Kayne West felt chagrin when “Yeezus” dropped early, and while the waiting sucks for Truebies, we’ll explore why the timing of the premiere is also relevant.

Let’s quickly examine the Moon tarot card in relation to the number 18. The moon is a Major Arcana card, of which there are 22. The Moon tarot is associated with the sacral chakra, reincarnation, women’s mysteries, the subconscious, and karma.

Meanwhile, True Blood fans or Truebies as they’re known wait with bated breath on the premiere episode of the HBO exclusive series True Blood due to air tonight Sunday , June 16th 9 ET. The show is heavily occultic with vampires, werewolves, fairies, and psychics filling the cast. So let’s quickly examine the esoteric meaning behind the date of the premiere, with is the #16, base number 7, and tarot card The Tower. Students of tarot, and newly interested folks are often intimidated by certain cards in the deck, notably the “Death card, The Hanged Man, and The Tower from the Major Arcana. The Tower symbolizes a great shock and fall coming, a structural change that will be taking place. It can sometimes refer to gaining enlightenment, and the breaking down of old worn out patterns, or it can literally mean the destruction of an institution, or a formula that once before held the aspirants high in the air and secluded from the stark sometimes bloody reality of the streets, the jungle, the cycle of life and death as shown in  The Moon and appropriately chosen by Kayne West. While The Moon tarot denotes a rebellion or revolution, it is one that begins from struggle, challenge and survival of the fittest.

The changes described by the Tower XVI cards is a removal of comfort, it is Gods hands reaching out from the sky to touch the Elite who hide themselves away in their towers of privilege and comfort, feeding off the common people. It is a perfect description of the TrueBlood Trailer for Season 6. “this is god’s plan to save the human race by exterminating the vampire race”


The base number of 16 is seven, which is the number of perfection, the mystic, the esoteric. and it vibrates to the planet Nepturne. Neptune is a planet of spirituality, sensitivity, dreams, illusion and delusion, faith and miracles… says Linda Goodman about the number.

It’s all very coincidental don’t you think? Of course pagans see these things as an art, rather than a mere chance or fluke. And now, with a little primary in numbers and tarot, you too can begin to see past the veils of illusion, into the code of the Great Architect. It is quite interesting that “Yeezus” arrived on the 14th, 5 days early. Still a fortunate number, in that the number 14 offers magnetic communication through media… so even when Kayne West misses a step, like a cat he lands on his feet. The only real challenge in this is that the base number 5 is a number of change and being critical.  But that’s another story. In the meantime, “Yeezus drops early, with changes to it’s vibrational impact, and Truebies will have to hold tight until tonight while the waiting sucks and the hunger looms.



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