Key Witness in Zimmerman Vs Martin Trial Helping or Hurting? [Video]

Reboot Your Brand

Does Your Brand Need A RebootThe nation is locked into every turn of the murder trial of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Among things brought up, character has come into play. On the stand is the key witness for the prosecution, Rachel Jeantel. What keeps being repeated is the way she has behaved on social media and how it could be a turning point for her testimony and the overall case. While it may not be appropriate to judge her as it relates to her experience within the public school system her character or brand is absolutely her responsibility. Jeantel admitted to defense attorney Don West that she lied several times to Martin’s family. She said she told them she was 16, not 18, because she wanted to be treated like a minor and have privacy. She also said she lied about not attending Martin’s memorial service because she was in the hospital. The truth, she said, was that she was afraid to see the body.

Regardless of her reasoning for lying as well as all of the things she spewed on social media in relation to her friend’s untimely death, it all affects her credibility. In business we call it branding. And just like in business so it is in life, at times our brand must be addressed and even changed.

Most people can agree that inspiration happens all around us; we just don’t take time to notice it. Here are some ideas to help reboot a brand; whether professional or personal from the simple yet complex concept of rebooting a computer.

Such is the case with a client and life coach the other day. They were engaged in a discussion about the client feeling frustrated for having to rebuild her life in her 40’s due to tragedy. She was lamenting about replacing her belongings and taking a position she was over qualified for just to pay her bills. In the midst of her rant the coach leaned over her PC and hit the power switch. Without missing a beat she continued talking while the computer began its process of rebooting. A few moments later she asked her client if she noticed what just happened, she casually answered that the coach seemed to be rebooting her computer. She was right, but had no idea the lessons can be learned from a simple computer command.

Don’t get me wrong, most people aren’t tech savvy at all. They can get their computer, laptop or tablets on, send emails, check and update social networks and play a few games, but that’s about it. Thanks to the Geek Squad and YouTube, many have learned a thing or two. At best they know that when all else fails, a manual reboot can do wonders for your system. The life coach had a strike of inspiration while listening to her client. She was in the middle of a reboot and was upset about the process. At that moment she noticed several similarities between rebooting a computer and our lives. Let’s review her observation and I’m sure you will be able to see the value for both.

  • Rebooting helps disrupt any virus attempting to attack: Understand that we all go through periods of down time. We get overwhelmed and need some time to gather ourselves and digest what’s going on. This is very similar to rebooting your computer. If something dangerous is detected, a manual reboot can literally prevent a total corruption. By stopping it from running, your computer can suffer minimum damage. That’s brilliant. The next time you have a horrible day, go home and reboot yourself. Take a long walk, read, or exercise. Doing this can reboot your system internally and prevent you from reacting in a way that can cause further damage.
  • Rebooting can help serve as a system flush: The truth is we have a lot of junk in us. We carry around stress, bad experiences and even traumas from place to place without noticing the weight it causes. In the computer world you have something called the RAM or (Random Access Memory). Your RAM handles different short-term tasks and data, like running processes and holding program values. Rebooting your computer flushes out all this information, allowing your device to start anew and helping it run faster and more efficiently. As you go to sleep nightly, you should be able to leave the day’s issues in today and start fresh in the morning. You create a better opportunity for success when you can reboot nightly.
  • Rebooting helps install upgrades: We all have things on our ‘back burners’ that need our attention. Often they are projects and activities that will enhance our development and help us move forward. The problem is we are busy with so many other things that really don’t matter. By rebooting our lives, we bring into perspective what is important. These upgrades are needed to help us become all that we dream. Rebooting is simply finding time to get better.

If you’re reading this, you’re definitely online. If you’re online then chances are you have suffered from computer issues. How did you resolve them? For some, it was simply reaching out to a tech savvy friend, for others you sat on hold for an eternity to speak to a professional. Most of us can attest it ended with the suggestion to cut our computer off and reboot. It’s funny how a simple action can do so much. Let’s take heed and use this process to help set our lives back in order.

Take a day or so to reboot our social networking sites. It’s very true that once we put something online it goes into a never ending pool on traceable information in cyberspace but you can and should always take time to review and refresh what’s on the forefront.

All of America can see how Ms. Jeantel’s past as well as more recent online experience has affected her current ability to be a totally credible witness for her deceased friend. Now would be a great time to see how your online experience has affected your brand.

As we all await the conclusion of the whole matter we can only hope that Jeantel’s brand has not negatively offset the trial.

By: Cherese Jackson

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