Kim Kardashian and Kanye Baby Face Major Psychological problems?


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a daughter into the world on Sunday, June 16th to much fanfare. Although we don’t yet have a name for the tiny tot, this is one celebrity baby who is at high risk of facing major psychological problems while growing up. It may seem a shame to speculate so negatively, but one cannot help wondering if Kimye’s baby will fall victim to the same issues as so many other celebrity children.

Celebrities themselves often have lives that are rife with heartache, drug addiction and lunacy. Even if the celebrity parents themselves don’t have these problems, they will inevitably be surrounded by famous people who are faced with such issues. This environment can create immediate negativity for the child, who may model the behavior of those around her. And even if the child does not witness any drug use, alcohol abuse or other crazy behaviors, the risk that the celebrity parents will get divorced (or in Kim and Kanye’s case, just break up) is something to be taken into consideration. In fact, the chance of a celebrity’s baby growing up in a household where there has been a divorce is astronomically high. Studies show that the celebrity divorce rate is much higher than normal rates of divorce, and other studies conclude that people whose friends get divorced have a 75% higher chance of divorcing themselves.

In the case of Kim Kardashian’s baby, her greatest chances for a normal, stable life lay in having as much exposure as possible to a quiet family environment. However, since the baby is basically a celebrity the moment she is born by default, she will also be subject to the same pressures and risks faced by major celebrities. She’s going to have cameras around her nearly all the time, and the paparazzi will undoubtedly stalk her wherever she goes.

In essence, she is already a child star, because her mother participates in numerous reality shows which also focus on the children in the Kardashian family. Child stars fare worse than any other kind of celebrity, with a much higher than average risk of major personality and personal problems than the general population. An article written by Mara Wilson, a former child star, lays out all of the reasons why children who become famous at a young age tend to have so many personal issues to contend with as they get older. Reasons she discusses include sexual exploitation, disappointment of having fame and then losing it, the inability to escape their label of “child star” and having absentee or self-centered parents, among others.

Considering that both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem about as self-centered as is possible for a person to be, we can count on at least one of the items on this list to be a major problem for their new baby. In addition, she will have to worry about the inevitable pressures that come with being a child star, including being exposed to possibly fleeting fame.

While we wish this infant the very best of luck in avoiding psychological problems, only time will tell if she will have a happy, stable life or will wind up like so many other child stars who have gone before her.

By: Rebecca Savastio

Source: Cracked

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