Kim Kardashian Divorce Final Kanye West Free to Marry Into the Clan

Kim Kardashian divorce final
Well, it has finally happened. Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries has been made final. Kanye West is now free to marry into the Kardashian clan. It only took a year and seven months after the reality TV star filed for the divorce to end her very, very short marriage to Kris Humphries.

According to People magazine, the judgement was granted Monday night in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The 32 year-old Kardashian filed for divorce in 2011. Her, then, husband of just 72 days, Kris Humphries aged 28 was shocked and not a little dismayed. The NBA player spoke to reporters after he heard the news and said, “I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce.”

Kris then tried to get the marriage annulled rather than go through a divorce on grounds of fraud. He was very keen to show that, as he now believed, the marriage had been a “stunt” for Kim’s reality television show. Since the lavish wedding of the two “former” lovebirds had featured quite heavily on the Keeping up with the Kardashians TV show, it seems he was not too far from wrong.

According to those with calculators and more time on their hands than they apparently should have, the “former” couple’s divorce proceedings took eight days for each of their 72 days of marriage. But idle mathematics aside, Kim’s new baby girl can how concentrate on getting to call Kanye West “daddy.”

Remarkably, the announcement of the divorce being finalised came the day after Kardashian’s baby shower was aired as the premiere episode of the KUWTK new season. It is a shame that Kanye West’s appearance on the program could not have been used more beneficially for the show’s publicity machine. He could have made the show even more fantastic by announcing when he and Kim were going to be married.

So despite Kim kardashian’s divorce becoming final from Humphries the timing of it was that little bit off. So Kanye couldn’t provide even more publicity for the show by announcing that he was now free to marry into the clan Kardashian.

Actual terms of the couples divorce have not been revealed, but it does seem to be pretty straight forward. Humphries would not have received any monetary recompense for the split as apparently there was a pretty solid prenuptial agreement with his signature on it.

It appears that the reason it took so long for the divorce to become final is Humphries “counter move” to have the marriage annulled. His accusation of fraud, held the whole thing up. But as he apparently could not back up his “claims” he got no extra money and he actually dropped te annulment counter-claim.

Presumably after the divorcing couple came to an agreement on 19 April, he just wanted the whole thing to be over. According to sources, The NBA player didn’t even show up at the mandatory divorce settlement hearing the week before the whole thing became finalised.

Humphries’ excuse was that he was “doing a Lindsay Lohan” and had problems catching the last flight out of the JFK airport before the court date.

Of course now that Kim has gotten rid of that little legal problem of being married to someone else while Kanye West waits, presumably, to step up smartly and fill that “legal” void and become the new Mr Kardashian, it is now just a matter of time before the second Kim Kardashian wedding can be staged for the KUWTK show.

The couple may decide to wait until after their baby girls is delivered in July in order to really make plans to tie the knot. If they time it right, maybe it can be the next new season premiere when the show comes back.

But then, just because Kim Kardashian’s divorce has been made final, it doesn’t mean that since Kanye West is now free to marry into the clan Kardashian, that he will be in any rush to do so. Where Humphries only had his NBA career to worry about, West has a huge music career and an ego to cater to, so he may not be in that big a hurry.

By Michael Smith


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