Kim Kardashian – Kanye West doesn’t like to be around the ladies

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West  Kim has been quite up set lately, not only about the Kanye issue. First she had a less than flattering moment the past week, when the skirt of her dress flew up, and almost revealed her lady bits. Luckily for Kim she is in good company. Marilyn Monroe had a same moment during her lifetime, albeit this incident had been orchestrated. No doubt the Kardashians have no qualms orchestrating such incidents either, and afterwards claiming it was such an embarrassment. After this little photo drama there has been Lot’s of speculation if Kanye West would turn up to the baby shower, which will be held for Kim this weekend. Supposedly he doesn’t like to be around the ladies, if he is the only man in the room. What’s up with that Kanye West? You love your ladies to be scantily clad and gyrating during your music videos, but heaven forbid if you have to be with them in one room, and talk about babies, breast soreness, and popping the baby out of a tiny hole in the body.

Kim Kardashian did know why her Kanye doesn’t like to be around the ladies, and she totally understands. She said:”I think Scott and Lamar might bring Kanye. That might happen at the end. That’s what we were all deciding. Kanye said he feels like it’s weird for him to be the only guy. I’m like, it happens to all girls, so if all the guys come at the end, it’s good.”

The whole ordeal will be shown on the reality show of the Kardashians: Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Naturally this is something any sane person would like to share with the world. (Let’s not go into detail yet if the actual birth will be shown live on the show.) Therefore it’s not surprising that Kanye had some reservations joining the ladies. Who likes to be around heavily pregnant women, talking solely about having babies, and what’s next. Especially if you are a man, and can’t possibly imagine what these brave ladies are going through. Also they might start talking about marriage.

Talking about marriage. That has been speculation as of late that there would be a wedding in the near future. A dress designer let it slip that Kim Kardashian might be Kanye West’s future wife. However soon after this slip of the tongue several sources near to the couple were quick enough to add that it’s not on the cards yet. Maybe Kanye West first needs to be around the ladies more, in order to see what he would be marrying into. Because he seems like a person who doesn’t like to, not know what’s going on, he appears to be a real control freak, and needs to be in charge all of the time, or so it seems.

Recently Kim had something to say about her dream life: “Maybe my fairy tale has a different ending than I dreamed it would. But that’s OK.” Hopefully Kanye West will suck up his manly pride, and forget about the fact that he doesn’t like to be around the ladies when he is the only man at the baby shower. Do it for Kim, Kanye! She is carrying your baby boy or girl. (We’ll know soon enough.)

By Georgina Pijttersen

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