Laughter is Healing the World (video)

Portland laughter yoga meets Sundays
You know how good laughter makes you feel, but did you know it was therapeutic? Did you know laughter is actually healing the word? Studies show that people who laugh more are less likely to suffer from anxiety, fear and stress, heal faster from injury and illness, have healthier relationships and have a better sense of humor than their non-laughing counterparts.  Well, if you live in Portland, Oregon USA or any one of the other locations worldwide, Laughter clubs meet every Sunday from 4-5pm and are free of charge! So show up and you are sure to come away feeling refreshed, clear and grateful.

Laughter yoga was developed in India and has been sweeping the world, now in over 72 countries. The concept of Laughter yoga is that the body truly does not know the difference between ‘real’ and coaxed laughing, the benefits are the same either way. Laughing is a wonderful exercise as well as a great way to inspire connections, experience child-like play and heal from a multitude of conditions. Laughter yoga is a combination of pranayama (yogic breathing) and unconditional, blissful laughing and is truly healing the world.

Laughter yoga is being used to help cancer patients, mentally challenged children, uplift the elderly, heal wounded relationships and counteract symptoms of everything from asthma and arthritis to diabetes.

To get the real benefits of laughter, scientists say we need continuous laughter for 10-15 minutes, generally even genuine spontaneous laughter fits only last 3-4 minutes at most, even if the happening was really funny.  Can you remember a time when something struck you as hilarious and you couldn’t stop laughing for hours about it?  Even later in the day, if you remembered the occurrence you would still bust up in fits?  Imagine taking that feeling and creating it into your life on purpose regularly.  This is what laughter yoga does for you.

Laughter yoga is a worldwide organization that is always free of charge and run entirely by volunteers.  Every week there is a different instructor giving the class variety and a fresh approach to ‘how to bring on the giggles.’ There are no jokes or comedy involved in this technique, just group inspired genuine laughter.  The goal and mission of Laughter Yoga is to bring health and peace to the world through laughter, as laughter knows no racial, social or cultural boundaries.  Laughing is for everyone, there isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t enjoy a good laugh.  By laughing together, we can heal together.

To find out more information about Laughter yoga visit: , where there are dozens of articles and studies showing the health and psychological benefits of laughter and how laughter yoga is healing the world.  Classes meet at in Portland, Oregon at The Hawthorn Laughter Club: 3942 SE Hawthorne Boulevard from 4-5pm Sundays through January 2014. For worldwide locations, visit the website to find Laughter yoga near you!

Written by: Stasia Bliss