Lebron James Finds Respect Won’t Come Easy

Lebron James won his second NBA Championship, but not the respect of fans
Lebron James won his second NBA Championship, but not the respect of fans

The Miami Heat won their second NBA Championship Thursday 95-88 with Lebron James leading the way. Still, respect won’t come easy for Lebron.

My son, whose eight-years-old and just getting into sports, came home from school and asked about the score of the previous night’s NBA Championship game. When I told him the score he was happy as he wanted the Heat to win. However, there was one thing that was puzzling him.

That is, one of his friends at school called Lebron a traitor and wanted to know what he meant by that.

To be honest it stunned me. The hatred for Lebron is so great amongst sports fans that it has spilled over to children and is clear that respect won’t come easy for Lebron.

Now, don’t get me wrong what Lebron did to Cleveland was downright despicable. Athletes are role models and know that kids nationwide are look up to them. They look to them on how to behave and what it takes to be successful when they grow up.

Lebron’s actions conveyed the message to children that the only thing that matters is you, your wants and desires.

That isn’t the case at all. An athlete is a representative of the community where the team they play for is based. They also represent the core belief that our country was founded on.

That is with hard work you can achieve anything.

Yes, the goal of sports is to win. However, you do that with dignity and respect.

The evidence of this is in the actions that NBA Commissioner David Stern has taken since the incident. Stern now scrutinizes every single deal to the point that trades have become difficult o pull off. The latest of this is with what happened in recent trade talks between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics.

The Clippers wanted to trade for Celtics head coach Doc Rivers and forward Kevin Garnett. There was on and off talks over the last couple days, but then out of the clear blue there came the report that Stern won’t approve of a package deal that includes both Rivers and Garnett.

Why? Simple, to prevent the Clippers from creating another all-star team.

The move was believed to convince Clippers guard Chris Paul to resign with the team since he is a free agent soon. Also, it is thought that free agent Celtics small forward Paul Pierce would also sign with the team.

Lebron, next time you ask, “why respect isn’t coming easy?” Make sure you’re in front of a mirror, because your will be staring at straight at your answer. You!

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