Limbaugh is Joseph McCarthy’s Younger Brother


I’m not even certain that it’s taught in school anymore, and I know many of the Guardian’s readers are too young to remember the travesty, but I was reminded today of the Joe McCarthy hearings.  Rush Limbaugh has a lot of similarities to the former Senator, and I think he may be his younger brother.

Anyone who has ever made the mistake of listening to Limbaugh is aware that he is ‘so far right, he’s wrong,’ but he continues to find ways to display his growing ignorance and blatant racism.

I’m 100 percent right in calling Limbaugh un-American and inhumane.  He is anti-immigration reform, and his only spoken reason is political advantage.  He says that ‘amnesty’ and a change in United States immigration policy will, “result in millions more of instant, new, Democrats.”

In true ‘negative Limbaugh’ fashion, he doesn’t see Hispanics as possible Republican voters.  The way conservatives refuse to relate to the Hispanic community, they won’t receive their vote.  It doesn’t have to be that way, it’s their choice.

More often than not, Rush is the problem; he never has a positive solution.  His sole belief is that TEA Party and Libertarian members of the GOP are ‘running away from their base.’  Limbaugh claims that the ‘base’ is 24 million Americans, and asks “who can Republicans replace them with.”

I am fully aware that Limbaugh is out of touch with 2013 America.  The so-called ‘base’ is shrinking.  He needs to face the fact that he is not 35 years old, and is a dying breed, (Thank you, God).  Younger voters are moving away from his type of racism and bigotry.  They are pro-choice, pro-same-sex-marriage, and pro-comprehensive immigration reform.  They are less Christian, and more agnostic, or simply non-religious and spiritual.

Joseph McCarthy believed that if “you are not like us, you are with them.”  In his case the ‘them’ was the communist party.  But he also considered African-Americans, Hispanics, and Jews as leaning far to the left.  There is no doubt in my mind that he and Limbaugh are ‘brothers from another mother.’

Limbaugh is the epitome of the extreme right wing.  He continues to make his listeners believe that America in the 1950’s was the best of times.  Virtually all African-Americans lived in the south, there were no such things as homosexuals, women knew their place, and the government was under Republican control.  Ah, those were the good old days, weren’t they Rush?

I guess everything in life has to be examined from personal perspective.

If you were a blue collar worker in the 1950’s, you worked for low wages, because jobs continued to be scarce after WWII.  Laws protecting the safety of workers were limited, allowing employers to force them to work in sometimes dangerous, and frequently, unhealthy conditions.

The women who did work, as they did during the war, were paid far less than men, and were forced to endure sexual harassment, or lose their jobs.  Women were expected to be ‘homemakers,’ and be submissive to their husbands.  They were even expected to vote identically to their husbands, if they let them vote at all.  Abortions were unheard of, and it was never a spoken supject.  Women who did seek an end to an unwanted pregnancy often died from bleeding to death or infection.  Sex out of wedlock labeled a woman a ‘whore,’ or a ‘loose woman.’  But men were expected to experiment.  I’m not sure with whom.  It couldn’t have been with any woman he might choose as a future wife; that would have made her unacceptable.  If women went to college, it was for one reason, to find a husband.

Blacks in America were not considered citizens, or even human, by all too many whites.  Southern states, Texas, and Nevada practiced extreme forms of segregation, and separatism.  A black man could be hung for looking a white woman directly in her face.  They had to live on their ‘own side of town,’ attended their own schools, had their own stores, and were forbid to be romantically involved with anyone outside of their own race.  Blacks were shunned by most universities, and the jobs they were given were menial, with low pay, and often involved servitude.  Slavery was alive and well in the South.

The north was somewhat more advanced, but only somewhat.  The “N” word was used frequently, and whites and blacks did not live in the same neighborhoods.  “They” continued to have ‘their side of town.’  And interracial marriage continued to be ‘taboo.’  If the choice for who received a job, was between a white man and a black man, the white man received the position 99 percent of the time.  And, don’t forget, black men couldn’t play professional sports.

Limbaugh considers the Hispanic community the new ‘black community.’  Not that he accepts African-Americans, he’s simply forced to pretend he is not a racist, and a bigot.

Immigration is the sensible, right thing to do.  Eleven million people must have a solution, one that is fair for everyone, and one that will alleviate a problem that will not go away.

Limbaugh is wrong, (again), that all 11 million people would automatically become Democrats.  A bipartisan immigration bill would be favorable to both parties.

The demographics of voters have changed.  In order to be competitive in elections, the Republicans must change, and find a position in the 21st century.  There is no time machine to take the United States back to the past.  The GOP must listen to younger voters in their midst, or Limbaugh will be right about one thing, the Republican Party will split in two, and Democrats will dominate elections.

The more I think about it, I am certain that Limbaugh and Joseph McCarthy are brothers in some way.

(This commentary is my own.  Unlike Rush, I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong.)

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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