“Man Of Steel” To Soar High on Opening Day

MAN-OF-STEEL_612x380It is such a cliché  to look up in the sky and say,  “It’s a bird,  It’s a plane, It’s Superman” but not on June 14 when  the Man of Steel will soar high in the silver screen again.  This will  make Warner Bros. proud of him, and richer on opening day.

Superman, a D.C superhero  is making a comeback and will  pave the  way for the other superheroes of DC to be on the silverscreen again once Man of Steel will prove its worth  in the box office.  A prediction of $100 plus Million is expected on the domestic opening day.  It is now building its foothold in the final week and a huge marketing blitz is unleashed before it will come flying to rescue on the silver screen next week.

More from Chicago Tribune, “Man Of Steel” will be Warner Bros. highest performer ever, as told by the group president of Warner Bros.  Jeff  Robinov to Chicago Tribune.  The movie is worth $225 million to produce and $150 million to market and release around the globe.  It is expected to top  “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” which earned $1.3 billion worldwide.

If the “Man of Steel” proves its worth in the box office, then the long awaited all-star superhero “Justice League”  would be the next in line project for Warner Bros.  It is well known in the industry that Warner Bros. is really looking for a franchise that can yield better profits now that the “Harry Potter” franchise have retired.

There is one drawback, though.  Zack Snyder, the director of the “Man of Steel”, hasn’t had string of successful films.  Although his 2006 “300” was a hit,   his other film like the superhero “Watchmen” and the animated “The Rise of the Guardians” did not prove to be as successful as the studio hoped.  But others say that “ some audiences may not have appreciate his work”.  Whatever it is, the producer is putting his faith in Snyder.  That is why he was chosen.

The pressure is on right now as Warner Bros. is set to to rise above “Iron Man 3” earnings of $1.2 billion run.  With all the producer’s aggressive marketing and  good product positioning there is no doubt that the “Man of Steel’ will fly and soar high this summer.

Man of Steel is Henry Cavill, 30, has appeared in various movies such as “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and “Stardust and Immortals.”  He also played as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk on a showtime series “The Tudors” from 2007 to 2010.

This is a  biggest break for this British actor.

Man of Steel is a story of a young boy who discovered his out-of-this world extraordinary powers.  As a young man he discovered his origin and his purpose.  He emerged to save the world from annihilation and will be the symbol for hope for mankind.

The  executive,  Robinov,  said that Man of Steel “has a good mix of emotion and action. It has a very fresh feel, and it takes you into the DC universe with the introduction of Krypton at the start of the film and the introduction of  DC villains.  It’s a world that you have not seen before.”

Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder  and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Russel Crowe and many others.

Will the Man of Steel soar high?  Now let’s be the first one to witness on the opening day.  See you at the movies!

Anthony Derayuna


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