Miami Heat aren’t too Hot

The Indiana Pacers hosted the Miami Heat in game six of the National Basketball Association’s Eastern Conference Finals. To sum up the game the Heat aren’t too hot.

Many thought a couple months ago that the Heat would just waltz right into the NBA Finals. Well that surely isn’t the case as the Pacers pulverized the Heat by a score of 91-77. That means everything comes down to one final game for the two teams.

There are two problems for the Heat.

According to ESPN

The Indiana Pacers beat the Heat in Game Six of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals to force a game seven
The Indiana Pacers beat the Heat in Game Six of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals to force a game seven

, Heat guard Dwayne Wade has largely been ineffective this series as he has dealt with a knee injury. On Saturday Wade only scored 10 points 2 rebounds 1 assists 2 steals and made only 3-11 shots from the floor. In addition to that forward Chris Bosch scored a mere 5 points 4 rebounds, a block and was 1-8 from the floor.

The other problem is the fact that they have no answer for Pacers center Roy Hibbert. Hibbert played 42 minutes in game six and was his usual dominant self as he scored 24 points 11 rebounds, a block and was 11-20 from the floor.

That is a twofold problem for the Heat that is going to lead to disaster if they don’t get their act together for game seven. The reason being is that when the Heat aren’t too hot they have no way of getting a rebound for a second shot as they don’t have an answer to Hibbert. The evidence is in the fact that game six the Pacers had 53 rebounds where the Heat only had 33 rebounds.

So, what does this mean for the Heat and the rest of the playoffs?

Simple, their screwed if Wade keeps his struggles going and doesn’t return to form. The reason being teams are going to start double teaming small forward Lebron James who has been the Heats biggest contributor. Yes, there are some secondary players that are shooting well, but that doesn’t mean anything if your stars aren’t doing well as they play the bulk of the minutes.

What double teaming would do is stop James from driving to the basket and make him take jump shots. Also, what it would do is force him to pass to make teammates that are struggling to take shots.

In other words if other Heat players aren’t too hot for game seven, the Heat will be teeing it up sooner than they want to.

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