Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to marry in UK?


Mila-Kunis-Ashton-KutcherMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have reportedly decided to tie the knot in UK as soon as Kutcher`s divorce from former wife Demi Moore is finalized. The oh-so-good-looking couple were seen many a times getting cozier. They even confirmed their relationship every time with PDA. The lovey-dovey couple were last seen together at a royal outing.

Not only has Ashton been living in London while Mila films there, he can’t keep his hands off her when they’re out and about! A pal of the couple told the Daily Star that the pair has become so smitten with England that they want to get married there and have already started deciding on Britain as the best location for the marriage. From then the buzz rolls around, “Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to marry in UK?” One day ago, Ashton was stealing kisses at their romantic boat ride. So man, someone is in love!!

The source asserted that they are desperate to get married as soon as possible because they want to start a family and they are slightly old-fashioned about these things. They are both very keen to hear wedding bells. But it is not clear who first talked about the marriage. However, Mila and Ashton will marry soon in the UK. New “Brangelina” on the block?

The pal added that the first place they thought of was Stonehenge, but they`ve also been looking at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, because Kunis loves the idea of a stately home or something in the English countryside.

Ashton was totally clinging to his lady love while they enjoyed some relaxation time during a trip to St. Tropez…but they weren’t alone!

It seems they’ve really teamed up with the royals because Princess Beatrice, her boyfriend David Clark joined them once again for a get together along with some other friends.

Does this mean Ashton might soon become Sir Ashton Kutcher? Gone are the days of good old Demi, it’s the Mila age now and Ashton is quite happy with it. And his lady love isn’t going to turn him down. It seems like the young couple have fallen in love with UK and all their actions are associated with it. They want to get married here blending royalty and romance together.

But it is a big question how Mila’s parents will cope up with divorced Ashton. Buzzes are humming loudly. Mila had recently taken Ashton to meet her parents; it sounds quite serious. When a couple decides to marry everything else changes and will this case resemble the fact? We are not so sure.

Amid break up ravaged Hollywood, this couple retains the romance for romance crazy fans. Fans already started dreaming, ‘They are going to be the best looking couple of the time’. And people think they are true lovers, not something like, ‘Friends with benefits’.

Anyway, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are slated to marry in the UK and we are sitting fingers crossed to witness it keeping ‘Eyes wide open’.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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