Miley Cyrus: The punk with feminism

Miley Cyrus The punk with feminism

Punk is your new possession. And our known celebs get unknown with punks, puzzles and penchant. Look into the world, read it’s scrolls and you will discover ‘punk’ everywhere. A mere exhibition in New York or some black jackets can’t really define punk; it’s always here with the very rustic charm to overwhelm you as always. The recent Met Ball enhances the stun of “punk” with metals, chains, zippers and dark black eyes of scenic lust!

The general punk uniform revolves around tees, black leather studded jackets and skinny jeans, leather pants and bondage trousers!! Punk celebrates the DIY spirit; so, it need not to be all black, as long as it’s got the stuffs like chunky chains, studs, spikes, safety pins and grid of zippers.

From music to fashion to books to films, you can’t avoid it. And punk is the nova direction of celebration and chaos! Look at the literature, and coin the punk cool girl Lisbeth Salander….with super short dyed black hair, tattoos on various parts of body and needless to mention the mean piercings….love her or hate her, you can’t ignore her. She will always be The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo boasts of new mode of feminism.

In between being vampire’s delicate lover, Kirsten Stewart should catch your breath as Joan Jett in The Runways, with unbuttoned jeans! Mind it guys!

If Mad Men’s January Jones showed the spunky side of her, Miley Cyrus kept no stones unturned to be a punk in net black number. From Katie Holmes to Miranda Kerr to Taylor Swift, all sparked in punk, but Giselle Bundchen is the ultimate show stopper in a rocking LBD with a chainmail by Anthony Vaccarello.

Every woman from actress to singer to model, unfurled the flag of punk being too edgy too strange and too dirty.

True to say, punk is your darkest desire, actually too dark to be disclosed. But as time never ceases punk never stops, it just transform itself from one shape to another. You always desire to be beautiful, but in the core of heart, you want to be ugly too or carefully careless. Often we get tired and don’t want to look good to others. Then we can go for ‘punk’, only to discover, it makes us charming in another sense! Don’t try too hard, just thick gel liners and shiny black nail polish  are enough to have attention or just a neck-piece  of big black beads can make us beautifully black……because you are a girl with spunk, it’s time to ‘Spark’, may be with black pearls!!

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