Miss Connecticut is Crowned Miss USA



Erin Brady, the young damsel of Connecticut came off with flying colors, clinching the Miss USA title on Sunday night in Las Vegas. The 25 years old beauty was crowned the most glorious crown of USA (Miss America pageant is still here!) beauty pageant at the Planet Hollywood hotel-casino. On her way to the title she defeated other beauties in both, beauty and intelligence. It feels like she is going to be the next big thing in “tinsel town.” So it was Miss Connecticut’s turn to win Miss USA as she is crowned the prestigious crown of 2013.

The glamour fever almost bewitched America since the girls amassed for the pageant, and the media seemed to keep its keen eye on this occasion. Even their catwalk practices or bikini rounds flashed on internet to raise the oomph factor.

In a glittering evening gown Erin was the princess of evening; she caught the limelight as she answered every tough and controversial question with the same boldness. She was always perky, like her gown, while answering questions on web tracking or DNA tests. And she said she appreciates the Supreme Court’s decision on upholding widespread DNA tests. So, after much twists and turns, Erin was crowned Miss USA.

During the swimsuit competition, the young gals shed the sheer wraps to reveal loud neon candy colored bikinis; they walked in stilettos to the Jonas Brothers’ live performance of “Pom Poms.” The women also strutted to Calvin Harris’ electronica-infused “Sweet Nothing” in an array of spangled, flowing evening gowns. Trains, gauze and long wavy hair were the preferred looks.

Erin, for now, gets the crown and a New York Apartment for one year. She is slated to spend the title reign speaking and raising awareness on breast and ovarian cancer. PETA is also eager to work with her and perhaps make her their brand ambassador. PETA has always taken young faces to raise animal awareness, and Erin may fit their needs. Some sources said, PETA planned to involve some more girls this year. The animal rights organization, People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals is using the pageant to stage a protest of fur and the tradition of awarding furs to winners of some state pageants.

A number of other beauty products are expected to work with her, as we have seen the mode earlier.

The pageant aired live on NBC, hosted by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers pop act and Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of “E! News.” The Jonas Brothers and DJ Pauly D performed.

The judge’s panel included over-the-top fashion designer Betsey Johnson, “Biggest Loser” star Bob Harper and “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me” personality Mo Rocca.

They all praised the pageant as a prime example of Americana backstage. He said he was looking to appoint a new Miss USA who reminded him of Abraham Lincoln “without the beard.” His choice of words may be bizarre, but the pageant is here to stay.

In many ways, it varies from rival competition Miss America. Here, the competitors don’t give any test of their other talents or qualities. But still, glamor is a giant factor. Girls are being judged partially more by glamour.

Erin, Miss Connecticut, is slated to represent USA in Miss Universe title competition this winter and people are already pinning wished wishes on her. The winner of Olivia Culpo, last year’s Miss USA, makes them a bit more hopeful.

But this type of pageant still remains an entertainment of a selected section; some people  don’t even care for this. But if Miss USA girls keep winning the international title, it might attract more and more viewers. Then, they won’t consider it something “made up” or “overrated.” For now, Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut is crowned Miss USA. Perhaps, she will clinch the global title.

Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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