Miss USA 2013 Gets Crowned Erin Brady, Miss Connecticut

Miss USA 2013 Gets Crowned Erin BradyThe Miss USA 2013 contestants strutted their stuff on the red carpet catwalk at the Planet Hollywood Resort Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, as they were introduced Sunday, June 16. By the end of the evening, one would get crowned and earn the title Miss USA 2013.

Despite a few controversial articles that have shown up the last couple of days about some less than savory bits of news like one contestant getting “branded” four past contests appearing naked in PETA ads, and Miss Illinois, Stacie Juris, having once gotten in trouble for shoplifting, nothing stopped the Miss USA 2013 Competition from being the best one yet.

The co-hosts this year were The 2013 Miss USA pageant has arrived. From a field of 51 young ladies, there can only be one Miss USA, who will move onto the Miss Universe pageant. Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island won the title in 2012, but had to vacate it when she became Miss Universe. The reigning Miss USA is Nana Meriwether from Maryland.

Hosts Nick Jonas and Giuliana Rancic presided over the festivities, which will include a Jonas Brothers performance. Among the notable judges are comedian Mo Rocca, singer Christina Millian and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes.

The contestants who made it to the top fifteen were Miss USA 2013 Texas, Ali Nugent; Miss USA 2013 Ohio, Miss USA 2013 Louisiana, Miss USA 2013 South Carolina, Megan Pinckney; Miss USA 2013 Pennsylvania, Jessica Billings; Miss USA 2013 Alabama, Margaret McCord; Miss USA 2013 Massachusetts, Sarah Kidd; Miss USA California, Miss USA 2013; Miss USA 2013 North Carolina, Ashley Love-Mills; Miss USA 2013 Shirley Love-Mills; Miss USA 2013 Kasey Staniszewski; Miss USA 2013 Illinois, Stacie Juris; Miss USA 2013 Miss Nevada, Miss USA 2013 Chelsea Caswell; Connecticut, Erin Brady; and Miss Utah 2013, Marissa Powell.

The co-hosts introduced the judges, then the Miss USA 2013 Competition took a look at what some of the contestants had to say about what they liked about Las Vegas, their favorite foods three, and how they would describe Las Vega in one word.

The reigning Miss America 2012, Nana Meriwether, was then introduced, and she told a little bit about herself and her charitable AIDS foundation, the Meriwether Foundation, that she helped raise money for this past year.

The 15 semi-finalists were then introduced in swimsuits one-by-one while the Jonas Brothers sang their song “Pom Poms”. The contestants were wearing Vix swimsuits and Chinese Laundry shoes, and they looked very beautiful.

Miss Congeniality was chosen — she was Miss Oregon 2013. She won $1,000. Miss Photogenic USA 2013 was Miss Utah 2013. She got $1,000 and a weekend at the Trump Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miss Connecticut was the first to make it to the Top Ten. The next was Miss South Carolina 2013, then Miss Ohio 2013, Miss Texas 2013, Miss Illinois 2013, Miss Nevada 2013, Miss Louisiana 2013, Miss Utah 2013, Miss Alabama 2013, and Miss North Carolina 2013.

The Top Ten then moved on to the Evening Gown part of the Miss USA Competition by the judges. They were, in order, Miss Connecticut, who wore a shiny corset; Miss South Carolina, Miss Ohio 2013, Kristin Smith, who wore a bright yellow flowing gown; Miss Texas 2013, Ali Nugent, in a red gown encrusted with diamonds; Miss Illinois 2013, Stacie Juris; Miss Nevada 2013, Chelsea Caswell Chelsea Caswell; Miss Louisiana 2013, Kristen Girault, who wore a great-looking white gown; Miss Utah, Marissa Powell; Miss Alabama, Margaret McCord; Miss North Carolina 2013, Ashley Love-Mills, who showed a lot of leg, as her gown’s skirt didn’t quite wrap around all of the way.

The Top 10 contestants who received the most tweets automatically moved forward to the next round. Miss Utah 2013, Miss Alabama 2013, Miss Illinois 2013, Miss South Carolina 2013, and Miss Connecticut 2013.

One the other five might get a chance to be in the competition still, the co-hosts announced. This was determined by tweets, and it was Miss Texas, Ali Nugent.

The Final Five then talked with the co-hosts, telling a bit about themselves. They were shown touring about Las Vegas, Nevada, enjoying food at restaurants, going to nightspots, and meeting past American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks and Penn and Teller.

Then, the contestants moved on to the question round, where judges Nene Leakes asked Miss Utah a question about how women earn less money than women. Miss Utah stumbled about, and didn’t really answer the question well at all, IMHO.

Wendie Malick asked Miss Alabama about invasion of privacy, and if it’s right for their to be laws that allowed the government to snoop into the affairs of private citizens, She gave a pretty decent answer. The next judge asked about binge drinking. The contestant said that young people should be responsible.

Then, a question was asked about being charged with treason for leaking classified documents, Christina Millian asked the question. Betsey Johnson asked Miss Texas about religious groups who banned a swimsuit competition, and asked Texas if she agreed or not. She said that people have the right to vote if they agree or not, so it was their decision.

Next, there was something the show called the “Final Look” with DJ Pauly D providing the music. There was lots of fist-pumping from Pauly, and each of the ladies got a closeup as he performed.

Then, after commercials, came the moment all of America had been waiting for — the crowning of Miss USA 2013. The contestants each had their bags packed because the winner wil travel to New York to work there for a year, raising money for her favorite foundation/charity. The winner will also get to travel around the world as a goodwill ambassador.

Donald Trump said he had an announcement to make, but he had one of the co-hosts make it. It was about where the Miss Universe Competition would be held. announced that the Miss Universe Competition will be in Crocus Hall in Moscow, Russia, in November.

Sean Dougherty from Ernst & Young had the results. The fifth runner-up: Miss South Carolina, Ashley Love-Mills. The fourth runner-up: Miss Texas, Ali Nugent. The third runner-up: Miss Utah 2013, The second runner-up: Miss Illinois, Stacie Juris. The first runner-up: Miss Alabama.

The winner: Miss Connecticut 2013, Erin Brady! Congratulations, Erin, and to all of the other contestants, for giving America one of the best Miss USA Competitions ever!

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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