Miss USA Naked for PETA

Warning: This video could upset some viewers. Caution is advised.

Miss USA Naked for PETA

With all the excitement being generated with the live broadcast of the 2013 Miss USA tonight, some former Miss USA winners have taken the opportunity to show a little love. The four ex title winners have ‘dared to bare’ in support of PETA and the organisation’s campaign against fur. We have the video where the ladies explain why and show that they’d rather be naked than wear fur.

Be warned, there are some images in the video that aren’t of naked, very attractive women. There are some horrific images of animals being skinned alive. So viewer caution is advised.

In the video for PETA (which stands for people for the ethic treatment of animals), the four former Miss USA winners pose naked alongside a Miss USA sash and crown to lend their support to the animal rights organization.

As well as “daring to bare” all in support for the PETA advertisement, the Miss USA winners: Susie Castillo, Shandi Finnessey, Shanna Moakler and Alyssa Campanella have pledged that they will go fur-free in their own lives.

Miss USA 2003, Susie Castillo explains in the video about why she decided to pose nude in the video for PETA. She said, “The more I learned of the torture that animals go through in the name of fashion, I just think its so unnecessary. It’s unbelievable actually.”

All the young ladies who posed together said that they’d all grown up loving furry creatures and they were horrified at how the animals were, more often than not, skinned alive. They also talked of seeing various celebrities who posed nude to show their support of the “no-fur” campaign.

The nude advertisement was shot by photographer Fadil Berisha. The ad featuring the four Miss USA’s is the latest in the series. Other ads have featured a multitude of celebrities and public figures. Just last year, actress Olivia Mun; talk show host Wendy Williams and reality TV personality Evelyn Lozada all stripped down to support the cause.

The four Miss USA’s along with Olivia Mun, Wendy Williams and Evelyn Lozada are in good company, despite the feminist animal rights advocates cry of foul. The earlier PETA ads that featured barely clad or naked women clearly upset the feminist animal rights advocates.

When Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis posed naked for Playboy in 1994 she donated half her $100,000 fee to PETA. The group issued a press release saying Davis “turns the other cheek in an eye-opening spread,” PETA then announced that she had been photographed naked with Hugh Hefner’s dog for an anti-fur ad.

In 1995, PETA formed a partnership with Playboy to promote human organ donation, using the caption “Some People Need You Inside Them” on a photograph of Hefner’s wife. The long-standing campaign, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” in which celebrities and supermodels strip for the camera, generated particular concern.

PETA is an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, Virginia, and led by Ingrid Newkirk who is the organisation’s international president. It is a non-profit corporation with 300 employees and it claims to have three million members and supporters. PETA also claims to be the largest animal rights group in the world. The organisation’s slogan is, “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any way.”

It was founded in March 1980 by Newkirk and fellow animal rights activist Alex Pacheco. PETA first caught the public’s attention in the summer of 1981 during what became known as the Silver Spring monkeys case. The case was a widely publicized dispute about experiments conducted on 17 macaque monkeys inside the Institute of Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The case lasted ten years; involved the only known police raid on an animal laboratory in the United States and it triggered an amendment in 1985 to USA’s Animal Welfare Act, and established PETA as an internationally known organisation.

We think it is an admirable thing that these former Miss USA’s have done. Going naked for PETA is one very big way to show their support of the organisation and their furry friends. Have a look at the video and learn why these beautiful women are baring all to help PETA’s anti-fur campaign.

By Michael Smith


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