Monsters University Prequel Monstrously Great Interviews (Video)

Monsters University Monstrous Interview
The Monsters University prequel is doing monstrously well at its first weekend in the box office. We decided in honour of Mike Wazowski, James P. Sullivan, Randall, Johnny Worthington and Art, that we’d pop up a great video interview that not only talks to Nathan Fillion (Johnny W) and Billy Crystal (Mike) and Charlie Day (Art) but also shows some great clips from the new Pixar film.

In Monsters University we see how James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski meet and become friends. They first encounter each other as college freshmen and it is a case of mutual dislike for both monsters. In fact, in Monster University, Mike Wazowski is friends with the creepy Randal from Monsters Inc (voiced to perfection by Steve Buscemi) After a while Sully and Mike start to develop their friendship.

Johnny Worthington is the “big man around campus” and he has a gang on “goons” who follow his every lead.

In the interview, Nathan Fillion talks about his own college days. According to him he was a member of the “literary” crowd, which he says meant the nerds. He does point out that out of the group of “unpopular” students they all did well. He recounts at least three who became quite successful in their later careers.

Billy Crystal admits that Mike Wazowski is his favourite character. He is quick to point out that he doesn’t mean his favourite Pixar character either, he means that Mike is his favourite character period.

The fact that Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc, means that quite a few new characters are introduced to the “Monsters” verse. In the monstrously great interview below, we get to meet two of them. One is Nathan Fillion and the other is Charlie Day.

Day, talks about being Art and how bad a student he is while answering some “quick-fire” questions and doing his impressions of different type monsters.

In between the question/answer time, clips from the film are intercut with the interview to show various parts of the film. In one scene, Sully sneaks into the room that Mike is sleeping in with a bottle of glue. Later, when the one-eyed monster wakes up, he discovers he’s been covered in mirrors.

The film has a lot of “cliched” moments in the film, the stereotypical hard partying done by all students in films; the scary head teacher, (Helen Mirren in a role that could have been so much bigger) Dean Hardscrabble who sounds scarily like Dame Maggie Smith, but worse.

Nathan Fillion says that his character of Johnny Worthington, as the “monster” they all aspire to be, was fun to play and he says that the success of his portrayal of the swaggering bully was down to a brilliant team effort by the Pixar cast and crew.

You can tell by watching the interviews that all three men really had fun making the film. Although for Billy Crystal, it must have felt a little like a reunion with Goodman and Buscemi who came back to reprise their earlier roles.

While critics have, overall, been complimentary about the film, they haven’t waxed lyrical about it either. But then the other film that is packing the audiences into theatres in huge amounts, is just being referred to as a “solid summer hit.” That “solid” hit is Brad Pitt’s film World War Z which is driving audiences wild.

So it appears that the critics are being unnecessarily harsh to Monster University, the prequel that is impressing the audiences more than the critics. If you haven’t seen the film yet, have a look at the monstrously great interviews with three of the actors in the film and the clips shown in-between.

By Michael Smith