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Moon Trek: Have a Lunar Celebration


A sumptuous, super-fabulous Supermoon is going to show up on Saturday. The Supermoon has already created enormous expectations as all are waiting to experience this supernatural phenomena with our own eyes. It’s truly turned into a lunatic celebration. After trekking long to the stars it’s out turn to Moon trek, our only satellite.

The Southwest desert and the lower Ohio Valley into the mid-Atlantic and southern New England will have the clearest skies to experience the supermoon, a trek to the moon, according to AccuWeather forecast.

A supermoon occurs when the moon is slightly closer to Earth than it typically is, and the effect is most predictable when it occurs at the same time as a full moon, according to James Garvin, chief scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

Astrologer Richard Nolle first invented the word “Supermoon” in 1979 to describe a full moon when it approaches closest to the Earth. Since then, it becomes a brightest full moon closest to the Earth known as a Supermoon.

Myths associated with the ‘supermoon,’ increase superstition and folk lore. So it’s   unique union of science and humanity. It’s a howling moon for wolves and now human being are howling just as much to see the event. They just can’t wait to have a lunar celebration.

This year’s Supermoon is truly exceptional; it is not only the brightest and largest but it’s closest Supermoon in recent times. According to EarthSky, it is the closest encounter of a half dozen or so which will happen this year. The Moon facts are crazy enough to create super interest. So, get ready for a pleasant Moon trek.

The moon will pass within about 221,000 miles from the Earth on Saturday night, compared with its “typical” distance of about 238,000 miles.

According to Gravin, on Saturday the moon may appear 12% to 14% bigger than its usual appearances in the next few months but the distance difference will change just a little, maybe only a few percentage points. It’s really bizarre to connect the dots, still we are waiting to have a lunatic experience. But first of all, the sky has to be clear, otherwise patchy clouds are enough to become a spoilsport.

Ocean tides are controlled by the Moon. The moon’s effect on ocean tides is higher during a supermoon than any other time. The higher tides of this weekend are known as King tide. So expect higher and lower tides than usual, reports Sean Breslin of the Weather Channel, there is no connection between the supermoon and earthquakes, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Some nature lovers are looking forward to the rowdy waves bathing in moonlight.

“If you’re looking for a more thrilling lunar event, a larger supermoon is expected on Sept. 28, 2015, and the next largest supermoon until 2034, will occur on Nov. 14, 2016,” Breslin discloses. So, if you miss this experience, you will have to wait until 2034. The choice is yours.

So, moon maniacs get ready to have a trek to the moon. Everybody should get ready to howl and pray for clear sky. You don’t need to get prepared with gadgets, just open your eyes and gaze at this celestial phenomena, and raise a toast to a lunar celebration. Perhaps it’s the most convenient and easiest way to gain a supernatural experience where you don’t need to be decked with astro-things.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul