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Naomi Watts is Princess Diana Watch the Trailer Here (Video)

Naomi Watts is Princess Diana.
The long awaited trailer for the biopic of Princess Diana is out. Naomi Watts is Princess Diana in the film that is due out Sept. this year. You can watch the trailer here, but don’t expect any huge reveals. As one reviewer put it, “the trailer is long on image and short on words.”

Presumably it you want to know if Watt’s “nailed” the late Diana’s voice, you’ll have to wait for the film.

There can be few actresses with a pedigree like Watt’s. The 44 year-old British/Australian actress, she’ll turn 45 this year,  could be said to come from a “show business” background. Her father Peter Watts was the road manager to Pink Floyd, he died when Naomi was seven and she moved around England with her mother and brother until they settled in Australia when she was fourteen.

She started acting way back in 1986. She has worked pretty steadily since then. She’s best known for the Ring remakes and King Kong. Just recently she played another “real” person, the mother Maria in the tsunami film. But the obvious feather in her metaphorical cap will be to play the   “people’s princess”  in the film, Diana,  directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.

This newly released trailer shows Watts in a montage of scenes as Princess Diana and the actress does resemble the late princess as much as is possible without the film makers attempting to cast  an unknown actress who might have looked more like Diana. When the princess was alive and still a part of the royal family, a good many “impersonators” made a decent living out of looking like Princess Diana.

What you can see from the trailer is that they have worked very hard with Ms Watts to develop Diana’s manner along with her signature hairdo and the 44 year-old actress has captured Diana’s sincerity and warmth. They seem to have succeeded overall, as Naomi is, to look at,  Princess Diana. Quite an accomplishment since the women look nothing alike.  But the challenge for Watts must have been enormous.

This was a woman whom the world, and England especially, took to their hearts. She did exude a sincere caring attitude that, along with her youth, turned her into an icon. The world was shocked, stunned, and saddened by her unfortunate death. All the more so because she seemed to be on her way to a long awaited happiness.

The film focusses on the last two years of Diana’s life. It will also show her involvement in a campaign to eradicate land mines and her romance with Dr. Hasnat Khan (who is played by Naveen Andrews).

Naomi Watts said that the proposition of playing the “people’s princess” was terrifying. She spoke to The Times last year, after the release of her latest film, The Impossible. She said in the interview that she would face the challenge of perfecting Diana’s looks without  trying to just mimic her.

Halfway through filming, the 44 year-old Naveen Andrews broke his leg during filming. Watts said at the time, “We had to stop and now we are going back. It’s like being terrified all over again. Nothing measures up to that kind of pressure.”

She also spoke in another interview about repeatedly turning the part down only to ring the film makers right back to accept. Apparently she must have finally decided to stop “refusing” the role of Princess Diana.

The trailer, despite it stinginess on dialogue, looks impressive. Naomi Watts is Princess Diana in this montage of iconic images of the late princess. Watch the trailer and see if you don’t agree.

By Michael Smith