Nelson Mandela Ridiculed by British National Party Leader

Nelson Mandela ridiculed by British National Party Leader

Nelson Mandela hospitalized for a recurring lung infection was ridiculed by British National Party leader Nick Griffin.  Mandela was admitted to Pretoria hospital located in the capital of South Africa.  The former president spent five days disposed as physicians treated him for lung related complications.  Many took to twitter branding the British National Party leader’s ridicule of Mandela as small minded.

Mandela had been admitted to the facility four times before since the month of December for similar treatment of his condition.  Presiding President Jacob Zuma is optimistic that his predecessor’s health will improve.  “We are very happy with the progress that he is now making following a difficult last few days,” Zuma said.  “We appreciate the messages of support from over the world.”

While Zuma expressed sanguinity for Mandela’s health, Nick Griffin tweeted, “Mandela’s lungs are shot.”  He continued his rant stating that Mandela ruined the economy during his time as South Africa’s leading statesmen.  He went on to say Mandela was on his last legs and the murderous terrorist was going to croak.

Mandela contracted tuberculosis while imprisoned for 27 years under South Africa’s former white minority regime.  His lungs severely damaged have since led to numerous procedures to rectify the former president’s condition.  While it is unclear how Mandela actually acquired the debilitating disease, Nick Griffin contends the years of smoking necklaces have caught up with Mandela.

Nelson Mandela in the meantime remains in intensive care and officials have noted his condition as serious.  Mandela’s medical team worked around the clock to stabilize his condition upon being admitted this past Saturday in a deteriorating state.

Mandela’s family visited the facility and acknowledged well-wishers for their concerns, and prayers of a speedy recovery for the former head of state.  Mandla Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mendela , gave a statement saying, the family was deeply touched with the public’s concern.

Mandela a member of the Thembu royal family, led the ANC in the late 1940’s up to the mid 1950’s in defiance of apartheid legal practices during the time.  Mandela was repeatedly jailed for subversive activities against the state and finally imprisoned for life for instigating guerrilla war fare against the government in 1964.

Nelson Mandela was released in 1990 and participated in peacemaking efforts to transition the faltering apartheid government of South Africa to a more democratic system becoming the country’s first black president in 1994.

Mandela supporters have dubbed Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, as an odious irrelevant little man.  They state that he is not fit to tie the laces of the former South African president.

By Thomas Barr

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