New York City Discriminates Against Women, by Helping Their Male Partners

They Won't See the Baby Ever Again

New York City discriminates women

Yes it’s Father’s Day, but should that mean that New York City discriminates women, by helping their male partners find out who is the true father of their children? Recently two 27-foot Winnebago’s from Health Street, a DNA testing company, have been cruising the New York City streets. The Winnebagos have “Who’s Your Daddy” stamped on their sides, and the mobile testing centres are equipped to test a variety of things. Including drug, and heritage testing. Probably their most lucrative business is to swap father, and son’s checks, like on CSI, and to do a DNA test in order to find out if they are even related.

Wreck people’s lives

Health Street owner Jared Rosenthal commented: “It’s life-changing news that we give,” he continued: “We take it very seriously, because whether the person turns out to have the biological relationship they were hoping to have, or not, it’s going to affect them,” Which Health Street is very eager to jump on the Winnebago wagon, and to wreck people’s lives. The doubting fathers no longer have to go to a medical centres to get their answers but they can walk to the curb, and get it done while “going for a walk.”

Is it safe?

Where can the mothers go? Is there a Winnebago that says: “Who did your daddy cheat on?” Why do we live in a world where men can get their answers as easily as hopping on the bus, and the women are out in the cold? Shouldn’t there be more to this? Why does New York City allow Health Street to run these tests when there is no after care? Why does New York discriminate against women while helping their male partners, or in this case the suspected father? Does Health Street give some form of counselling? Do they have a professional who deems the situation safe enough for the “son” to return home with his “father” who suddenly isn’t his biological father anymore?

Real life story

Indeed there are situations where the truth should be brought to light. According to one source: “My son, who was 18 at the time, was about to throw his life away. He was going to give up college, his new girl friend, and any hope for making more than a few bucks per hour. All because his ex-girl friend showed up, pregnant, on our doorstep one day, and claimed he was the father. We believed her for a long time. We were there all during her pregnancy, the birth, and the first couple of months. However I still needed answers, I just wanted to be sure that my son was really the father. It turned out he wasn’t, thanks to DNA testing.”

Complicated story

However what happens when they arrive home? What happens to the son/daughter? What happens to the mother? The father probably needs some psychological assistance as well. Stories are usually complicated, especially when they are about families, love and relationships.

The source added: “I do understand why the girl did it. She had a one night stand after they had broken up, and when she realised she was pregnant she thought it would be best to pretend it was my son’s, because he would take care of her, and her baby. The one night stand never called back.”

They won’t see the baby ever again

Is it really that safe to have a mobile testing centre? Did New York City have to approve this project? Why does the city discriminate against women by helping their male partners. People need more than testing to get used to a new situation. The source agreed with that. They haven’t gotten over the fact that once they found out their son wasn’t the father, they would never see the baby they had hugged, kissed, loved and had carved a space in their hearts for, ever again.

By Georgina Pijttersen