Obama Administration and the Mainstream Media a Family Affair

Obama Administration and the Mainstream Media a Family Affair

For any intelligent political observer, there can be little doubt that the administration of President Obama is the most inept, corrupt, dishonest and, yes, anti-American administration in the history of the United States. The mainstream media, however, has shamelessly provided cover for the President every step of the way. Those of us who actually pay attention to what has been going on continually shake our heads in utter disbelief at the media’s spineless complicity. Finally, we have a key missing piece in the bias in media puzzle: It turns out that the mainstream media and the Obama administration are, quite literally, a family affair.

In the eyes of the mainstream media, this President is – and has always been – entirely blameless, even in the face of outrageous scandals, such as never before seen government spending; allowing Mexican drug cartels to buy weapons in this country; deliberately abandoning four Americans – including an Ambassador – to die in a terrorist attack; massive, warrant-less collection of citizen’s private communications and using the Internal Revenue Service as a weapon against the President’s political opponents on a scale that would put John F. Kennedy to shame. These are merely a handful of the many wrong-doings committed over the past four and a half years. through it all, however, the major “news” outlets have not only turned a blind eye, but have actively gone after the President’s detractors.

The answer to the question of why the media has so blatantly ignored, covered up or brushed aside a string of criminal acts committed by this administration lies in the family ties between the administration and ABC, CBS and NBC. The frequently used cliche of the media and Obama being in bed together turns out to be closer to the actual truth than we thought. Over the past few weeks, political consultant and Fox News contributor Richard Grenell has revealed that both CBS News President David Rhoades  and the President of ABC News, Ben Sherwood, have relatives who work for the administration. Ben Rhoades, brother of David Rhoades, is President Obama’s national security adviser and Ben Sherwood’s sister, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is also a top national security adviser to the President.

As major scandal after major scandal has hit this administration, the big news outlets have sustained the narrative that there really is nothing to see; that each of these so-called scandals have been, somehow, fabricated by the Republican party, purely to disrupt business in Washington and prevent Obama from fixing all the ills of the world. Recently, NBC senior political editor Mark Murray appeared on MSNBC and downplayed the IRS targeting scandal; predicting that the story wouldn’t last the Summer. Why does Murray want to see this story die? His wife, Sasha Johnson, will shortly assume the position of the President’s FAA Chief of Staff. Johnson, incidentally, is a former producer at CNN and also held a position at the Department of Transportation.

The soap opera that is the White House and mainstream media family affair becomes particularly disturbing when the Benghazi scandal is analysed. As a result of whistleblower testimony from individuals directly involved in the Benghazi incident, we know certain facts about what happened the night that Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans died in a terrorist attack: We know that the President was informed of the attack and decided to go to bed, as he had an important fundraiser to attend in Las Vegas, the next day. We know that, during the eight hours that the battle lasted, neither then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, nor Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted a finger to help the besieged Americans. We also know that the White House heavily edited the now infamous CIA Benghazi “talking points” to remove any mention of a terrorist threat, despite having earlier denied any involvement in this.

In the face of such a massive display of incompetence and irresponsibility – that lays the blame for four American deaths directly at the feet of Obama, Clinton and Panetta – one would have thought that an independent and fearless press would be implacable in its pursuit of the truth. Instead, they have gone to great efforts to bury this tragic story. No surprise, when one realizes that the siblings of the Presidents of ABC and CBS were both directly involved in the Benghazi affair. In addition, the husband of CNN deputy Washington bureau chief Virginia Moseley was, until recently, Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State.

When the relationship between the administration and the mainstream media becomes a real-life family affair, the latter can no longer be trusted to hold the former accountable. ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN all have a vested interest in protecting this administration from scandal and criticism. Every discerning American should realize that these are, simply, no longer credible sources of unbiased and unvarnished news reporting.

Written by Graham J Noble



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