Perfect Weight Perfect Body Now

How to feel great about your weight and express the inner you

Perfect weight perfect body now
How many of us look at our bodies and feel fantastic about what we see, every day?  How many of us wish we saw something different?  Though the percentage of people who are on weight loss diets has dropped significantly over the past 10 years, still many of us struggle with not only our weight, but our body image in general.  What about the notion that we are at the perfect weight now and have the perfect body, now?  I know, it’s all the media imagery and advertisements brainwashing us, even subtly, that something other than what we are is better.  It’s time to reconsider.

I do not argue that it is important to feel good in your body and sometimes that means losing a few pounds, or gaining some.  Over-all, however, we are a nation plagued with false body image which leads and contributes to negative self-esteem and little self-love.  When we do not love ourselves, how can we love another?  How can we be in a healthy relationship with another person if we are unhappy with the one we cannot get away from no matter what?

What exactly is the perfect weight?  There are so many opinions, professional and otherwise, to suggest how it is we are ‘supposed’ to look based on our height, age, etc.  But are these factors really important in the over-all scope of who each one of us is as a being?  Seriously.  I mean, a health practitioner could look at me or you or anyone of us and without us ever saying a word, they could weigh and measure us, take our age on a piece of paper, assess our body fat and tell us whether we should gain or lose weight and by how much.   What does this tell us really?  That we are just another number in the line up of standards that we either fit into or we don’t (most of us don’t) and many of us allow these numbers to rule our minds, our eating habits and our lives.

Quantum body image

In this world where quantum physics is taking the lead on understanding so many concepts previously known through a much smaller window, we are finding the boundaries widening and possibilities expanding allowing us to experience a more diverse world.  The fact that science can now admit that it does not know, in the world of quantum particles, what will happen, that particles behave in mysterious ways and change without warning gives me some strange new hope for the world.  We have been so reliant on ‘what the professionals say’ as truth, that we have nearly disregarded entirely our own inner guidance system, which is not always logical or ‘normal.’

When it comes to our weight and body image, it is critical that we take back the reigns and heal the cultural injury to self through a new perspective.  We all have believed that we lose the weight first, or gain the weight first, or trim the muscles first, and THEN we’ll feel good about ourselves and be happy.  However, quantum physics, eastern mysticism and modern metaphysics all agree that the later emotion must come first in order to produce the prior effect.  We must be happy with who we are and love our bodies now before our bodies will ever find their ‘perfect’ weight and form.  The energetic signature we carry, designed by our inner feelings creates our physical forms, not the other way around.  The body is in fact the final manifestation, the lowest density creation of all the higher, subtler states – of spirit, mind and emotion.

Making the Shift

The truth is that when we look in the mirror we see what we see.  Unfortunately, we do not see – in real time – the thoughts that are creating the image we behold in the glass.  If we did, we might change those thoughts more readily.  What we do see are the thoughts and feelings we have had over our lives which have brought us to this point in time.  In order to change the image, we must change the thoughts.  Understand, that we have been perpetuating thoughts resulting in this image we see for some time.  In order to see ourselves in the ‘perfect weight’ and ‘perfect body’ we must start now to create it in our minds.  There will be some lag time, do not be mistaken.  When we make a mental shift, the body takes, what seems like ‘time’ to adjust to that shift – it is not, as yet, an instant change.  It is akin to moving the dial on the radio to a new station.  In between the old frequency and the new, there is a lot of static.  That static is not judged as bad, when we are looking for another song…it simply is what it is.  It is the way of the change.  The static we experience when changing from old thoughts to new thoughts is exactly the same.  It is not bad, it is just the way it is on the way from an old frequency to the new…it’s a little fuzzy.  It seems that the affirmations aren’t working, it seems that we are still that same old self we used to be, but we are not!

When we truly begin to love and embrace our bodies exactly as they are and to love the person who is ‘wearing’ the body no matter what – the real miracles start to happen.  What we don’t understand is that we are not really disliking the image we see…though it seems so.  What we have been doing is running old negative thought programs in our minds which have told us repeatedly that we are not good enough, not the right weight, a disappointment, a failure, not loved, not wanted, unacceptable, and on and on.  These have been running since our youth.  These perpetual streams of memory have been running through our minds since they were given to us, like an old tape playing on repeat forever.  These tapes have helped to create the people we are today, and they are not all bad.  Some of the words encouraged us to be better, some of them inspired us, some of them we chose to rise above and succeed despite them.  Others stayed around and haunt us from the deep recesses of the subconscious and are ready to go.

We are all unique manifestations of one amazing intelligent creation, no matter your spiritual or nonspiritual beliefs.  Not a one of us is exactly like anyone else.  How incredible that is to think about?  So, if none of us are the same, how can any one of us have a formula for weight loss that is good for all the others?  How can one of us dictate what is healthy for the rest of us?  It simply is ridiculous.

Only we can give ourselves the words and thoughts to create the being we are hoping to see from the outside.  We are the mechanics of our reality.

Gaining our Power back 

We have been disempowered by a culture who has decided it can dictate health, diet and body image guidelines for us and tell us what is acceptable and what is not.  We have let it.  We have given our power away to magazines, movie stars and the latest fads all in the name of ‘looking better.’  What about feeling better?  What about feeling better NOW?  Once we decide that we are going to love ourselves no matter what anyone else says, no matter if nobody else agrees with us or accepts us or gives us the time of day; once we decide this, we will transform into an unstoppable force of beauty that will be irresistible.

Have you ever met someone that you didn’t necessarily think was ‘physically attractive’ and yet you were drawn to them almost magnetically?  Every time you were around them you felt better and you noticed others felt the same way?  This person knew the secret of loving themselves.  You see, beauty is an inner quality.  I know we have all heard the cliche ‘beauty comes from within’, but it is true.  That beauty comes from self-acceptance and adoration of the being you are blessed to be.  It is not an ego-based self-infatuation or confidence resulting from being puffed up.  It is a genuine acknowledgement of the truth of who you are as a unique expression of infinite light.

Quantum physics reports that we are just light, molecules of spinning, misbehaving light.  At a fine level, we pop in and out of this reality, unpredictable and beautiful.  This is true of us on the visible level as well, some of us are just more tuned into that inner light than others.  So get to tuning!

Overall perspective 

Ultimately, yes, you can eat better and exercise as a way to release positive endorphins and help you feel more motivated and good about your process, just remember it was the feeling good that allowed you to do those things, and not the other way around.  When we love and embrace ourselves, we naturally want to treat our bodies right.  When we recognize the truth of the miracle we are, we want to cater to that beauty and lavish our wonderful blessed selves with nourishment and awesome feeling movement.  As we begin to love ourselves more and allow positive self-talk to out weigh the negative to the point of dominating our mental landscapes we will start to notice small changes in our bodies and eventually big changes.  Those changes may or may not be weight changes, but they most certainly will be in your perspective of self.

Loving your body allows your body to express its highest potential in this world.  Despising your body creates a physical vehicle that feels it needs to hide and cover up behind layers of fat.  Recognize now that you are a perfect being with a perfect body expressing perfect weight, and this reality will become true for you.  Bless your friends and acquaintances with the same recognition of their inner beauty, for we all know that uplifting words help us aspire to be better people.  And we could all use some help in rewriting those inner tapes.  In this world of body conscious consumerism, it is time to take a stand in a different direction, one that goes right to the heart of the matter, to embrace the beings behind the form.  Go forth today in your best version of self and spread the love!

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Written by: Stasia Bliss

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