PRISM, NSA – Propaganda Campaign?


We all know that if the U.S. government needed to access records on us, they could. Yes, without our knowledge in many cases.  Is it just the reality of it being in the news that scares us more than the fact that when we join the social network websites our personal information is placed out there in the oblivion and who knows whose hands it may land in?  Has anyone considered, if the release of this information regarding Prism and NSA a propaganda campaign that someone started to continue to distract the people of this nation and keep our focus off the issues that we really need to address?

I am not attempting to downplay the government’s ability to acquire our personal information by surveillance of phone calls and the internet. I just do not think that my information is so important that I want to hinder the progress of national security and the ability of the government to intercept terrorist activity.  Granted, I may be naïve.

I actually believe President Obama when he says, “nobody is listening to your phone calls.”

So I ask, really, are we that disturbed knowing that they have been able to thwart terrorist activity by this method of surveillance?  Should we not all, step back, take a deep breath and refocus?

I am sure those responsible for this breach are proud of the upheaval they have caused.  The internet companies and phone companies are defending themselves and afraid their revenues are going to suffer.  They are pointing the figure at the National Security Administration.  Our government officials are in the hot seat, and for what?  Because someone has released classified information on one of the ways they track terrorist.  Do we really want to stop them from gathering information on potential terrorist?

I would think any responsible person would have considered what it might cost national security before releasing such information.  I am not pro-government.  I am pro-citizen, but I do believe that sometimes people in other countries play on the sensitivity of the American people when it comes to actions our government must take for national security purposes.

We, the people of this nation, must decide if we are going to take part in these propaganda campaigns.  We do not know and probably cannot any conceive of what actually transpires to keep this nation and others safe.

The reality, we elect our officials to handle these issues.  We know that we are kept in the dark about many issues regarding national security.  We have accepted that fact.  We as people must consider when information such as this is released, what really is the purpose?  Do you really believe the person who released this information had you and me in mind? Were they really concerned that the government was listening in on our calls? Or did they see it as a way to start an uproar among the people in this nation and causing the domino effect in others?

Do we not have more important issues on the table nationally and worldwide than to allow these individuals to ensnare us in a propaganda campaign against PRISM and NSA?  There are other issues that we need to address and demand transparency on. I do not believe this is one of them. Again, my opinion and I may be wrong. I am interested in hearing your voice.

By: Veverly Edwards

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