PS4 Big Reveal Today at E3 Conference

PS4 Big Reveal at E3

PS4 will get its big reveal today at the Playstation E3 Conference. Gamers are excitedly hitting the R.S.V.P. icons on their site links to the lives stream of the event. The stream will be tonight, June 10 at 6 pm ET/PT and 2 am GMT. This years conference promises to be memorable.

The E3 has usually centers on new games and new platforms on which to play then. 3D was a new feature that was touted heavily last year.

But this year its all about the new PS4 and the console’s full reveal.

With the Xbox One creating a cyclone of negativity after their consoles reveal, PS4 has been teasingly giving out little bits of information and no doubt rubbing their hands together in anticipation over the new Xbox “fanboys and fangirls” who will be making to switch to the Sony system.

After the outrage that has been expressed from former loyal fans of the Microsoft gaming system, the world is looking to today’s E3 to see Sony’s version of the “next generation” in gaming. Sony were a bit cagey in their initial reveal of the PS4 and didn’t give too much away. But just like in poker, there comes a time when you’ve got to show that hole card. E3 is the opportunity to do just that.

So far, Sony isn’t without their share of controversy. The company’s insistence that they want to get rid of physical copies of games has met with criticism. Game collectors across the world let out a wail of anguish at the news that “streaming” would be the proposed face of gaming for the new console.

But the Playstation E3 conference will finally clear up all the haze and the tantalising reveals that Sony have slowly been releasing. Tidbits that pique the curiosity and, so far, this tactic has been working well for Sony. Despite some of the released information getting a pretty negative reaction.

Other tidbits have been received more positively, the news that if you saved your game “mid-go” because you had a doctor’s appointment or needed to see the dentist, the game was automatically saved on your connected Vita and you could pick the game up and take it with you has been very well received.

But there are still a lot of questions that remain to be answered. A lot of people are hoping to see the actual console; design matters to a lot of folks. I’ve never really been sure why that is. As GAMEZONE so aptly pointed out, “it’s going to be a box that plays games.” So true, but most gamers want a box that looks cool while they play their games on it.

There is still the very controversial issue of secondhand gaming being given the boot by both companies. Sony hasn’t gone the “ugly” and downright gamer unfriendly route that Microsoft has taken, but, the company has also put out the, “It’s the publishers who control this,” Bulls*** statement that the Xbox creators fell back on in their justification of the move to ban used games.

Sony is opting, or at least it sounds like they have, for a “stream” only gaming experience. That might work great if you live in a country that has kick-ass internet, like say, Korea or Japan. But the rest of the world, even the US (and especially the UK) have a pathetic band width for streaming games, or films for that matter. Sure they are getting better, but are they good enough? Not likely, mate.

People are also hoping that the new PS4 price will be revealed as well, but historically, E3 isn’t about how much these fantastic new, consoles, games, et al cost; but how exciting they are and what they do.

You can be pretty sure that the price of either console will not be mentioned. With the end result that no one knows what the new consoles are going to cost. Although in the case of the Microsoft Xbox, will they really care? Web Retailers Amazon say that folks are already plunking down money for pre-orders of both new systems.

Both consoles are due to be shown off at the E3 conference today. But at this point it looks like any further information for the Xbox is going to be sort of anti climatic, but the PS4 will most likely steal the show anyway. Microsoft may try to use today’s E3 platform to practice a little damage control. But will it be too little too late?

In the area of predicted sales, retailers have been putting up pre-order sections for both the consoles. Amazon was one of the first retailers to put up a pre-order page and the company reckons that both consoles will be under $931 or £600.


But high prices and negative press aside, the two seem to be pretty close in the area of pre-orders, with the Microsoft taking a slight lead, although after their controversial firestorm of negative publicity that will most likely trail off.

Amazon said that preorders for the Xbox One were already 20 percent higher than they were for its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Xavier Garambois, the vice president of retail at the EU branch of Amazon talked to INQUIRER and said, “It’s not clear yet which of the two will have the edge when they launch later this year.” Garambois then added, “What’s certain, though, is that fans are already excited about how the next generation of consoles will change the world of gaming and home entertainment.”

But at this point in time, the hard core games don’t care too much about the pricing. They care about what the new consoles can do and whether or not the big reveal for the PS4 is going to be as negative as the Xbox’s calamitous reveal.

Of course, the E3 is about much more than the new Sony PS4 console. It is about the games that the companies can hype. The new features old favourites have in their newer versions, or kick-ass crowd pleasers like Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. But new features are crowd pleasers. When Xbox used the Kinect to enable voice commands in the Mass Effect Verse last year, the audience went wild.

PS4 will be the undisputed “belle of the ball” at todays E3 conference with their big reveal promising to knock the Xbox firmly into second place in the race between the two consoles. With Microsoft’s damaging negative news that has, so far, met with disgust from it’s own targeted fan base Sony’s PS4 looks like the gaming system that will be everyones favourite for the next generation of consoles, regardless of Amazon’s pre-order stats.

By Michael Smith


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