Rihanna Attacks Fan with Microphone


Singing sensation Rihanna is seemingly engaging in a violent period. After beating Justin Bieber on You Tube fame, now crazy Rihanna attacked a fan with a

microphone. RiRi, 25, always loved her fans and did almost anything to uplift the fan brigade. So, it’s utterly shocking and devastating news for her fans. The Carribbean star attacked a male fan when he tried to be too clingy.

The frenzied throng crowded themselves in Birmingham, England, to get enough of sonorous Rihanna, but received a dangerous reaction. She seemed really happy with her performance and started singing like there is no tomorrow; but the thrill vanished when she tried to get too close to her fans.

She stated singing “We found love” and left the stage to be close to her fans. To make the crowd loudest she was touching their hands while singing the song. Fans became joyous and she was obviously pleased. But suddenly a boy held her hand too long and a frightened RiRi hit him with microphone….. a perfect scene of impatience and violent reaction. The atmosphere would get heated. She was taken to the stage. All fans were bewildered witnessing the sudden, abrupt incident. The male fan was at a loss. But it’s not clear whether he really pulled her or just held her hand too long. And it’s unclear what his intention was. But he appeared harmless.

Rihanna remained unapologetic after the incident, taking to Twitter to say she did it on “purpose”.

She added “that b**** won’t let me go”.

But what made RiRi so aggressive? Was she in a hurry to complete the song? Or it’s just a star’s attitude surfacing behind the wrath?  She still hasn’t gotten over Chris Brown and that makes her crazy sometimes. The singing sensation however ended the program naturally without any further incidents.

Rihanna was reportedly seeking therapy to heal her heartache over Chris Brown; she didn’t totally move on, she still loves him. Some days ago a rumor spread about RiRi’s rehab tour. Did she go to have therapy then?

“Rihanna is still desperately in love with Chris. It’s like she’s obsessed with him and, although he’s told her it’s over, she just can’t get over him,” a source said. Maybe a broken relationship made her so impatient and aggressive that she is attacking people in with the slightest provocation.

Since the news of her beating Justin Bieber on You Tube broke out, her fans were happiest than ever. They even said, “Our goddess topped”, but soon she hits the rough ground of reality hitting a fan. It’s like a confluence of roses and thornes in a single day!

The incident took place in front of crowd control barriers, with the Barbadian singer flanked by several security guards.

According to some news reports, Rihanna hit the fan in the face. However, this cannot be verified by the footage.

Rihanna is currently on her Diamonds world tour in the UK and will next perform in Sunderland. And such incidents may thwart the flow of her fame. But RiRi supporters don’t see it her fault. They have “found love” in her songs. Rihanna attacked a fan with microphone to avoid being touched for too long. She may lure you but you can’t hold her!!


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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