Robert Downey Jr Back as Iron Man Confirmed

Robert Downey Jr back as Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr fans the world over can rejoice, he will be back as Iron Man in the phenomenally popular Avengers franchise and Marvel have confirmed that the actor will be playing Tony Stark again.

Marvel announced that the 48-year-old actor will be reprising his famous role as Tony Stark/Iron Man and that Downey had signed a two-picture deal, which means he’ll be in the suit two more times at least for Avengers 2 and Avengers 3.

Marvel studios are so excited that Robert Downey Jr. is coming back that they posted the announcement on their own website instead of following the usual protocol of giving any particular website or fanzine an exclusive “heads-up.” They also decided to ignore any of the “trade” rags with their “Downey’s back” confirmation.

According to Joss Whedon, there was never any doubt that Downey would come back for any sequels. The Avengers director and creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse made it clear that he would not be filming any Avengers sequels without the original Tony Stark.

Whedon said, “He is Iron Man. He is Iron Man in the way that Sean Connery was James Bond. I have no intention of making ‘Avengers 2’ without him, nor do I think I’ll be called upon to do that. I don’t think it’s in my interest, Marvel’s interest, or his interest, and I think everything will be fine. But I know that this is Hollywood and you roll with things. You have to be ready for the unexpected. But I loved working with Robert, and everybody knows he embodied that role in a way no one else can.”

So Robert Downey Jr is back as Iron Man and speculation can cease. Joss Whedon must have been very confident that Downey would be back as he almost gave the impression that he wouldn’t be in the driver’s seat for the sequel if it wasn’t confirmed that he’d get the same Tony Stark.

But while fans will be happy that Robert will once again be filling Tony Starks shoes and suit as the “new improved” Iron Man, watch the third Iron Man film and this statement will make more sense, there hasn’t been anything mentioned about an Iron Man 4.

According to Iron Man’s co-star, the always gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow, it doesn’t sound like an Iron Man 4 is in the works. About the likelihood of a fourth in the franchise, Paltrow said, “I don’t think there’s going to be [an ‘Iron Man 4’]. I think we’re done with Iron Man.”

But with Iron Man 3 ending on the note of Stark and Potts being both improved and each one capable of destroying evil; will we see Pepper Potts in a new Avengers film? While there isn’t any room for Paltrow to “join the team” in the Avengers verse, it is nice to imagine that the opportunity might arise.

The contract that Downey signed is of the two-picture variety, according to Marvel Studios, which means that there aren’t any plans for an “Iron Man 4;” at this time. So the two pictures are only for The Avengers two and three.

“Marvel’s The Avengers” grossed $1.5 billion globally after its release last year. “Iron Man 3,” pulled in a cool $1.2 billion around the world since its release in May. It makes good sense in the area of box office returns that Robert Downey Jr come back as Iron Man in the next two Avengers sequels and obviously Marvel think so as well, since they have confirmed his return. “Marvel’s The Avengers 2” is due out in theaters in 2015.

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