Robert Pattinson Katy Perry and Bjork

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry and Bjork
It almost sounds like the beginning of a ribald joke, “Have you heard the one about Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry and Bjork?” But it isn’t a joke so much as an attempted trick or ruse. It seems that the famous pair of Pattinson and Perry were spotted at a Bjork performance, despite the two of them trying to keep the whole thing under wraps.

The two “close friends” came to the Bjork concert separately in order to through any paparazzi photographers off the scent, but, no dice.

The rumour has been circulating that since the 27 year-old Robert split with his 23 year-old Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart that Pattinson and Perry have gotten very, very close.

The 27 year-old Katy has been offering her shoulder to cry on. She knows just how Robert feels since she also just broke up with her sweetie, 35 year-old John Mayer. It must be true that misery loves company as these two broken hearted friends have been drawn together with a mutual need for solace.

According to the Sun, friends of the two broken-hearted ex’s think that they have “fallen for each other.”

A source close to the two friends told the paper, “They are both good friends but have been hanging out more and more recently. Rob poured out his heart to Katy about Kristen cheating on him. She proved to be a really good shoulder to cry on. He stayed at her house in LA after they went away to Santa Barbara together for few days over American Memorial Day weekend late last month.

The same source then said, “Their friends say they have now fallen for each other.”

Allegedly the two have planned a romantic getaway to the Caribbean together. The source went on to say, “They are talking about going to the Bahamas in the next few weeks to visit some friends of Katy’s. They are both hopeless romantics, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if things developed quickly.”

Since the last sighting of Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry was at a Bjork performance, perhaps they could invite the singer along on their romantic Caribbean trip together. Although that may complicate things more than they are already.

Apparently, the budding romance does have a few problems as Katy is still hung up on John Mayer. Another source has said, “[Rob’s] everything she loves in a man – so gorgeous, funny, well-read and with that British accent she loves. She’s falling for Rob, but John’s got the chemistry, it’s very tough.”

X17 Online, took pictures of the “friends” as they arrived separately but the two met up once they were inside and sat next to each other during Bjork’s performance. A source told X17 that, “They had planned to meet up before going inside to the concert. They must have been coordination on their cellphones because they pulled up next to each other in the parking lot, rolled down the windows and were talking. They parked and then met at the door and went inside together.”

The same source went on to say that, “Katy came out the back door by herself, trying not to be noticed. She was looking around to see if there were any photographers. She definitely didn’t want to be shot with Rob.”

Rumours about Pattinson and Perry, make it seem like the two of them are like “two P’s in the same pod.” but Perry, despite letting Robert lean on her shoulder with his misery over the split with Stewart, cannot seem to make up her mind about Mayer. Katy is allegedly still in that on-again, off-again thing with her 35 year old ex.

Rumors of a Perry, Mayer reconciliation first cropped up at a Memorial Day BBQ bash at her new Hollywood Hills home. A party member present at the BBQ said, “They seem to be back together — or back together-ish.”

But another source told E! News that, “They are just hanging out. They are not putting a label on it.” But with an increase in their public pairing hitting the news, as in a Ysidro wedding that the two crashed in May rumours are flying that the two are now much more than friends.

Whatever the real story is, it still sounds like the beginning of an off colour-joke. The one about Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry and Bjork. The punch line still needs to be worked out though. Perhaps, the three of them are in a love triangle? Now that would definitely get the rumours flying!

By Michael Smith


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